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  1. cmonster

  2. Sakic has my respect as a captain. He captained some of those very good Avalanche teams and helped make and keep them competitive for a long time. Messier too, he seemed like he would kick ass if he had too. Lemieux can suck it. Remember, don't discount captains with awesome supporting casts. Yzerman had the benefit of some good/great/HOF teams. Lest ye forget the 2002 Stanley Cup Team. That team had enough HOF's to start its own wing in the HHOF.
  3. New Jersey's Financial Woes

    I have been reading recently that the Pheonix Coyotes aren't the only team with financial woes. It seems as though the Devils are in a bit of a financial pickle as well.Could NJ be the trade partner the Wings have been looking for? Det: Franzen, Kindl, Emmerton, Tatar, a 1st and a 3rd NJ: Kovalchuk and Volchenkov and a 5th Feel free to modify or suggest changes, but Detroit gets a bonafide top 6er to play with Datsyuk and #2/#3 Defensmen, and a throw in pick. NJ gets a top 6er at a lower cap hit a #5/#6 Defensemen in Kindl, a serviceable bottom 6 forward for cheap, a blue chip prospect, and 2 draft picks to restock. We can even make the picks for them if they want lol.
  4. Luxury Tax System

    The input on this is amazing. But why worry about this at all? Most owners are businessman. Fairly proficient with budgets, profit margins, etc. Why can't we let them decide how much they want to spend? If Owner A wants to spend 20 million on payroll and thoroughly embarrass himself, let him. If Owner B wants to spend 100 million on payroll, let him. Let owners decide what they are comfortable spending. Personally, I admire people like the Lakers and the Yankees. They are competitive. They want to win and back it up with the money. I think it shows a commitment to winning. Capitalism is still allowed, right?
  5. Ericsson on notice?

    The upside of all this is that there is an argument about the #6 defenseman. Most teams would love to have that as their only problem. I am not worried, let Chelios coach him up. If he fails we plug in Kindl, see what he can do, if he fails, we plug in Janik. If those two fail we trade Ericcson to Toronto and get Lebda back. (j/k on the Lebda part)
  6. Who will be the whipping boys for '10-'11?

    Bertuzzi will take a beating as a whipping boy. But, for the sake of originality and surprise, the whipping boy will be Kronwall. His enormous untapped potential added to Nick Lidstrom's eventual retirement on top of his propensity to be injured and he could be very well setup for failure.
  7. Shanny says he'll always feel like a Red Wing

    Shanny exemplified the blue collar mentality of Detroit. He was a lunch pail guy. he came to work and did it all. He scored, he fought. He endeared himself quite well to the Detroit Faithful. He seemed like a throwback to old school hockey. He was the prototypical power forward.
  8. Bold Predicitions for the 2010-2011 Season

    After reading some of these predictions, mine don't seem so bold anymore! They actually make mine seem plausible!
  9. NHL Rejects Kovalchuk's Contract

    This is bull. The NHL is pissed that someone found a loophole. If it follows the rules, who cares if it is against the "the spirit of the CBA."
  10. Bold Predicitions for the 2010-2011 Season

    That's why they are called "bold predictions"! The only thing more bold than career year predictions, is predicting that everyone has a crappy season. EDIT: I count only about 7 players who I predicted to have career years. And I expect people to improve from year to year.
  11. Bold Predicitions for the 2010-2011 Season

    Bold Predictions for Teams: 1. Tampa Bay makes the playoffs 2. Caps win Presidents Trophy but flame out in the 1st rd. 3. Penguins barely make the playoffs in the 8th seed and knockout the Caps in the playoffs 4. Chicago finishes no higher than 5th in the Western Conference 5. Sharks barely make the playoffs 6. Sharks finish 3rd in their division behind Phoenix and LA Bold Predictions for Players (Red Wings Only) 1. Abdelkader 15g 20a 35pts 3 fighting majors 2. Datsyuk 36g 65a 101pts Selke Trophy 3. Franzen 50g 40a 90pts first 50 goal scorer since Fedorov 4. Zetterberg 35g 60a 95pts 5. Filpulla locks down 2nd line center 26g 40a 66pts 6. Bertuzzi 15g 25a 40pts 2 fighting majors 7. Cleary 18g 25a 43pts 2 fighting majors leads forwards in blocked shots 8. Holmstrom 19g 20a 39pts 9. Hudler 26g 30a 56pts ends up on the 3rd line by end of season 10. Kronwall 15g 25a 40pts and he misses 2 weeks in Jan (knee injury) 11. Stuart 4g 15a 19pts leads defenseman in blocked shots 12. Lidstrom 12g 38a 50pts and 8 of those come after the allstar break 13. Ericcson 3g 12a 15pts 2 fighting majors 14. Rafalski 8g 20a 28pts out 2 weeks (back injury) 15. Janik/Kindl battle for #6 defenseman 16. Kindl wins 6th spot 1g 4a 5pts 17. Helm 12g (2 of them SHG) 15a 27pts 18. Eaves and Miller make the roster 19. Eaves 15g (1 of them SHG) 20a 35pts 20. Miller 10g (1 of them SHG) 15a 25pts 21. Draper nails the 13th forward spot 22. Jimmy Howard 60 starts 35 wins 3 so 23. Chris Osgood 22 starts 14 wins 0 so 24. Ritola and Meech get traded for picks
  12. Sergei Federov

    I think his decline wouldn't have been as steep on the Red Wings. The Red Wings team has been very good at hiding people's deficiencies through superior team play and an excellent system. And imho I think if Federov would have stuck around I would have wanted him to be converted to a defenseman. Bowman played Federov back there and he played pretty well. Playing defense would have hid his declining speed and extended his career.
  13. Bob Probert passes away at 45

    Its a sad day in the hockey community. Bob Probert was a warrior, and a great man. There aren't many men who embodied the blue collar, lunch pail attitude of Detroit like he did. He could bring Joe Louis arena to its feet. He was "The Champ" RIP Bob Probert
  14. Kronwall on TSN Hardest Hitters

    How can you have a list of hardest hitters and not have Konstantinov on the list? He was feared. And he nailed Lindros to boot. Is it a prerequisite for being on a hits related listing of top ten etc. to have knocked out Lindros at some point?
  15. 2010 NHL Draft Thread

    we now have the Croc (Jarnkrok) and Gator (Abdelkader) and the mule! We are turning into a damn zoo!