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  1. I was watching FSN with DVR so I could rewind and slow down. The angle that you describe does not exist on FSN's feed. Can you post screenshots or a video to the angle that you're talking about. Because I have not seen that angle (if it even exists)
  2. I would rather Wings lose by a legit goal than a non-legit-goal. That's just me though. Another point I'd like to make is people need to start complaining and demanding for higher standards in officiating. What if this continues on to the finals? Something has to be done about it. Demand higher standards.
  3. Here's an idea. NHL should start disciplining officials for doing a poor job. If I mess up at my work this bad, I'll get disciplined or fired. And rightfully so. I think the NHL is rigged. Look at Burrows for being fined $2,500 telling the world about how messed up the league is.
  4. I thought the way Kenny and Mick described it is the linesman can't overturn a refs decision. And since it was waived off they have to have conclusive proof that it crossed the goal line, which there was none.
  5. Pass it on..
  6. My question is how can a linesman overturn a refs decision. Especially when the ref was in the best (and only) position to see it?
  7. Thank you for that. I'm going to contribute. Hopefully other do to... We need to band together and make our voices heard.
  8. Both. Everything is so commercialized that REFs (linesman) have to decide games to put more money in the NHL's pocket.
  9. What is the phone number or email to the NHL. We should overwhelm them with protest.
  10. NHL is a ******* JOKE
  11. No and that does not make it right. In fact that proves that NHL is deciding games. It has to stop. Wings should refuse to play for the rest of the year.
  12. Babcock should have picked Brad May next to beat the s*** out of their goalie and then put the puck in after Auld is concussed and lifeless on the ice...
  13. This is happening with other teams. See Pens and Flyers. This is no conspiracy. It's a fact, NHL is rigged.
  14. I'm done with the NHL.
  15. I don't wantch wrestling., I don't like fake sports. I like REAL sports. Not staged.... NHL is f'ing staged! Nothing positive being ripped off not once, not twice, not three time, not four times... but 5 f'king times!!!!