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  1. I'm in for $22.18, but I will round up to $25 so I can remember how much I have to pay
  2. You are exactly right.
  3. My favorite time of the year! I'll do (sort of, I think) the same pledge as last year, because it was so fun to keep track! x cents per goal, based on scorer's jersey number. 1/2x for assists, 2x for power play goals and 3x for a shorty. Each game I'll also do something different, based on that game only. Game 1 vs Tampa will be 13c per Datsyuk faceoff win. LGW!!
  4. As a former Wildcat, this makes me happy
  5. I really liked Eaves. He worked hard and just seemed like an all-around nice guy. Plus, he is (was?) the only Wing that I have an autograph from I hope he can find a place somewhere and have a productive, healthy season.
  6. I'm fine with honoring Gordy. Another option could also be for Tatar's late father, Jan.
  7. Ended up with $31.66, I'll round to $32. Thanks again, I know the Children's Hospital will appreciate it!
  8. GDT

    Z's beard is so majestic and glorious.
  9. In honor of Datsyuk's new arrival, I will also pledge an additional $5 per Datsyuk goal and $3 per Datsyuk assist for tonight's game. (Am I the only one who totally missed that he was re-married AND had a pregnant wife?) Edit: just read that Kronwall's child has also been born, so same goes for him.
  10. I have been looking forward to this, thanks Vladdy! I am going to pledge similarly to last year (I can't remember exactly): X cents per goal based on scorer's jersey number. Double for pp goals and triple for shorties. Half for assists. i'll round up for odd numbers. Before each game I will also choose a stat/pledge for that game only. Game 1 will be five cents per SOG. GO WINGS!
  11. GDT

    I predict "subtle interference" will be brought up at the 13:00 mark, +\- 30 seconds.
  12. If you have almost any major cable/dish provider, you can use your account info to access the NBC Olympics streams for free, and not just for the first 30 minutes.
  13. Finland? More like Winland, amirite?! In all seriousness though, I'm bummed for Pav but I'm glad he will have a few extra days rest.
  14. I believe he is scheduled to fly back to the states Tuesday and will be evaluated after that.