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  1. 11/23 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Predators 3

    I dont know how to break this to you but we are not winning more than we are losing...matter of fac tonights loss just made it equal...11-7-4....we have lost just as many as we have won.
  2. 11/23 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Predators 3

    Im shocked at that as well...Its been RIDICULOUS how many shots from the point this year go wide...I know they do it on purpose sometimes...but its felt like 8 out of 10 shots go wide...Lidstrom has 1 goal in 21 games which is a ver bad sign seeing as how the guy usually gets around 20 Anyone else about to go insane from how many times they have said PEKKA RINNE PEKKA RINNE PEKKA RINNE!!!! PEKKE RINNE!!
  3. Could the injuries cause Detroit to miss the playoffs?

    The only way Detroit is not going to make the playoffs is if Lidstrom, Rafalski, Datsyuk, or Zetterberg gets added to the list of long term injuries...say Zetterberg gets injured tonight and will miss up to two months....then I will start to seriously worry.....as of now...im not worried...we have a solid enough team to get a spot in the top 8...and once our guys come back we will be great.
  4. Could the injuries cause Detroit to miss the playoffs?

    A few things a lot of people seem to be not understanding is that we are somewhat fortunate to be dealing with these injuries semi early in the season rather than later when it would be imminent that these guys would miss playoff time....When looking at the schedule...our busiest month of the season is going to be in March where we literally play every other day...and so far each player with the expection of Lebda is pretty much guaranteed be back well before March let alone playoff time Bottom line is we are without a doubt a team that has enough depth to at least finish in 8th place....now I dont think we will finish in 8th place...even with the injuries I dont see us finishing any further back in the conference than maybe 4th place...and if anything I see us dealing with these injuries making us much stronger...and then when we get our all star Franzen back...Kronwall....and Filpulla...we will be so used to picking up the slack that when our guys get back we will dominate... The only things that become very obvious at this point is that Howard and Osgood absolutely must perform well.....We at no costs can afford to deal with the goaltender situation we had last year.....Datsyuk and Zetterberg absolutely MUST each produce...and put on another Selke performance...we need goals...and we need to let in fewer goals...
  5. Where is this guy?

    I honestly dont understand why so many people are so ready to diss Bertuzzi....The Moore incident was very unfortunate...but its not like Moore was completely innocent and didnt do anything to provoke it...Of course Todd didnt mean to ruin the guys life...but it happens..every single time a fight breaks out theres a chance someones life will be ruined...it was a freak thing...and hes been paying for it... I swear its like sometimes im watching another game than most...people act like Bertuzzi is so terrible....so far this season I have seen few to none of our players play as HARD as Bertuzzi has...the guy has been working his friggin tail off trying to do the best he can...and that counts for something in my book...and obviously in Babcocks book as well...I remember in the Colorado game where Anderson robbed us all night long...I had said I never saw a guy come so close to a Hat Trick without scoring a goal...in reference to Bertuzzi coming so insanely close to scoring so many times...if VERY LITTLE went differently Bertuzzi could very well have 10-12 goals by now...