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  1. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=540336
  2. datsyuk is just amazing with the puck.
  3. bs call on lilja. and if drapes goes offsides one more time i'm gonna lose it.
  4. hopefully the team is huddled around a computer watching this... we can only hope.
  5. we need the "april in the d" song early this year to pump these guys up!
  6. ericsson hurt his ankle pretty bad it looks like. anyone else see that?
  7. everyone needs to take a couple deep breaths. almost every team goes through this. once most of the injuries have cleared up and we gain some confidence, we will be fine. just ... reeelllaaxxx.
  8. i suppose they can't get any lower than this.
  10. come on boy...capitalize on this powerplay. very important one right here.
  11. already looking like a terribly sloppy start to the game. i really hope the wings can pull this one out!!
  12. Haha, yeah just looked at his stats. thanks for the laugh. the stream just changed to the red wings radio broadcast!!!
  13. "admit it. detroit gets the benefit of the doubt" you have to be kidding me. this guy needs to quit it.
  14. gosh, poor bertuzzi. LOL