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  1. Greekman30

  2. Kenny calling Crosby "Cindy"?

    I think Carman is cindy crosby's jock strap. he loves crosby so much he get on here to defend him. go to the pittsburgh board buddy. your not a wings fan. if i ever see crosby i will smack him in the face. the guy is a pansy.
  3. 12/3 GDT: Oilers 4 at Red Wings 1

    injuries will hurt our team. i still have faith on this team. ok we're losing bad today. wait till we get healthy and let's see what happens.
  4. Jakub Kindl called up from Grand Rapids

    I've been interested to see Kindl play. now we might get a chance to see what he can do for us. hope he can contribute for us. i see a lot of promise in this guy.
  5. Playoff Chances

    I'm New to LetsgoWings. I've been a wings fan since the late 80's. i was wondering from all the wings fans like myself. do you guys think when the wings get healthy. do they have a chance this season to make it back to the finals. i still don't think chicago is that good. wings have all most the same team as 2008 minus dallas drake, samuelson and hudler. kopecky wasn't that good. if we can get another scorer at the trade deadline i still think we're a cup contender. hossa goes to teams he thinks he'll win a cup with but he's a curse. huet is not a stanley cup type winning goalie. i hope the injury bug stops and we can be healthy for a long playoff run. nice to be on this site with you guys and gals. GO Wings. Let's get the cup back to where it belongs. In Detroit. I hate bettman. i think he set up last years finals so his lover crosby could win the cup. i think right after crosby won the cup. he and bettman got a hotel room for the night. that's my opinion.