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  1. Do we really need Suter?

    I couldn't agree more. As if they don't have a hard time winning the division as it is.
  2. Wings Video Ideas

    I just wrote a ten page paper on the history of the Detroit Red Wings for my rhetoric class, but my professor wants us to create visual aids to go along with it. I was wondering if anyone had seen any videos or clips that sums up the franchise from start to finish. Any ideas could be very helpful.This is the best thing I could find surfing the web.
  3. Bertuzzi SUCKS

    I couldn't agree more, Bertuzzi is way past his prime and always manages a way to mess up a perfectly good play or oportunity. Although he had a goal against the blues and a shootout winner before that, he has been... ill say less than productive prior to that, and how long do you think he can honestly keep up this streak? The sole reason he is in detroit is for his big body presence which he fails to use when its neccessary.
  4. Prepared to eat crow on Howard.

    Howard has been playing solid, but when it comes down to playoff time (knock on wood) its obvious ozzy will start us off, because Howard lacks the playoff experience needed to goaltend at such a aggressive level. BTW new member, first post, very excited