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  1. gdt

    I'll take that!
  2. gdt

    Thats it. Play to the competition boys. Is it me or do we generally do that. Play to the competition level instead of balls out every game?
  3. gdt

    s***! Radio feed is delayed. Way to go Abby.
  4. gdt

    Let's score on this PP. Please.
  5. gdt

    It's funny to have Ozzy doing radio. He seemed so shy and reserved while playing. Now he's forced to talk.
  6. gdt

    Its embarrassing to see people act like idiots just to get a puck. Same in baseball. Great
  7. gdt

    Love to have Pavs and Zatta together
  8. gdt

    Tats whiff
  9. gdt

    Magic man time
  10. Doomandgloomanddoomandgloomanddoomandgloom...
  11. gdt

    So proud of him for only partially diving. Get him babs.