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  1. Mo Cheese is immortal so that's not something we have to worry about
  2. It's ok guys, Maltby works out at my gym. I'll ask him tomorrow
  3. Who else thinks we should drop a fresh octopus on their ice opening night to christen the new arena?
  4. Haha look at forsberg's face in the back as he watches it all unfold. I love that picture so much
  5. hah I know i was kinda bummed to see Niemi at the top of the list too. All that really matters is that Huet will probably start in the playoffs and I don't really see that ending well for them
  6. Nothing you guys don't already know.. but it just brings such a smile to my face
  7. while you're at it double fistin' son
  8. Perry Pronger Tootoo Ott/Orpik Byfuglien
  9. guys... this is an absoute must read
  10. kinda reminds me of this pic i've seen floating around the internet. Anyone know what this is all about?