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  1. NorCalWingnut

  2. RWNW: Game 4 Thursday, May 7th

    I won't be able to get there nearly that early. I decided to fly instead of drive down so I'm arriving in Ontario at 6pm. We may make it into JT's for a beer or two before gametime but I wouldn't count on it depending on traffic and parking. Thanks for posting this though, it woulda been cool to meet up with some other fans from this site.

    I just grabbed 2 tickets to game 4. I'm driving down from Sacramento (damn Sharks just added 9 hours to my trip) so I'm not sure if I will make it to JT Schmids but I will try, it would be cool to meet up with a bunch of Red Wings fans!
  4. ozzie

    I saw that on the online feed. Even the newscasters mentioned it 4 or 5 times at each commercial break.. "and here's another shot of Chris Osgood still signing autographs..." That was really cool to see especially knowing that everyone else had left already.
  5. Official Wings Cup Parade Information

    just checked Southwest...$750.00 roundtrip That sucks I can't come celebrate, I guess I'll have to use the money on merchandise
  6. If I was Maltby...

    consolation prize for second place in WCCF, lets hope.
  7. WCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    you need to change you sig, that's why we haven't closed this series out!
  8. Steve Carell ... what an athlete !

    didn't quite catch it, did he call the cat Mario... as in Lemieux?
  9. WCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    Thank you! Just out of curiosity, I always scour the GDT looking for these, where/how do you guys find these??
  10. octopi swinging

    with the refs taking so long to do the clean up, the next step will be to penalize the Wings for delay of game.