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  1. Wings Playoff/Cup chances?

    I am completely stumped as to how this team will do! Like others have said the consistency isn't there but that doesn't mean it wont be during the playoffs. Early this season this team looked dominant so who's to say that team won't show up during the playoffs?!? It will come down to turnovers/defense and goaltending. If it all comes together they will win. If any portion of that isn't up to par they won't get out of the second round. My prediction is they pull it all together and beat the Bruins in the finals! If Crosby happens to come back Detroit will beat Pitt in a sweep in the finals!
  2. Draper the goal scorer

    I think Draper has had a great year so far. That being said if I have to give up any younger players (doesn't matter who it is) to keep him next year I say no way and force him to take a 2 way deal or retire like they did with Maltby this year. You have to have the flexibility to send the guy down and not getting stuck with the contract since he's over 35. You also can't continually let young players walk to take a chance on an older guy who might have a year or 2 left in him.
  3. Open House 11/15

    I have been to 2 of these and was supposed to go tonight but the guy I was supposed to go with hasn't called me back so it doesn't look good. First thing you have to do if you are getting auto's is find the section you are in and go sit down (inside the Joe seats). Earlier you get there the better. You won't know who is signing in your section until they get there. If you get lucky you get one of the big 3 (Hank/Pavel or Lids). Go through the auto line and you will get 3 player auto's. After you are done you are free to go to what they call an overflow line for other auto's. Find the player you want and get in his line and you should be able to get at least 3 more. Depending on how close you are in the first line will depend on how many you can get. I ended up being in Datsyuk's line and quickly got in the Zetterberg overflow and got his also. Then I got into an overflow line with some of the lower end guys and ended up with 9 auto's all together. Wish I was going and good luck..
  4. Am I the only one that respects Gary Bettman?

    If the NHl has shown a profit I guess I can't say Bettman is a horrible leader. Though I think to myself if there was a true hockey person in charge how well would the league be doing right now?? Over expansion and rule changes to the point where even the refs don't know what is and isn't a penalty these days make the game more confusing and frustrating to watch than ever before. Lack of getting the game visible on major networks is something you have to point the finger at him for also. This game is the only sport I watch with a passion and I have to say Bettman has brought the game down in my eyes. The teams may be making money but the game itself isn't what it was before he took over. I pray for the day an actual person who is brilliant financially and loves the sport becomes commisioner. Then we can see how well this sport can do against the big 3 (NFL/NBA/MLB)
  5. Who do and did you hate more?

    I'd have to say Blackhawks all the way. I hate losing them any time (regular season or playoffs). I'd have to say Ducks second and I don't really care about the Pens it's eastern conf. I'd put 10 teams in the west up before them.
  6. No Hockeyfest?

    I guess the Wings aren't doing hockeyfest this year? Anyone hear anything?
  7. A Long Time Ago...

    Pretty funny and well thought out. I'd probably make Bettman Jar Jar Binks though because everyone hated Jar Jar!
  8. Knee still bothering Kronwall?

    Good Lord, really! Well, if he's out for any extended period Mitchell is still available isn't he?
  9. Though I do agree with alot of your post saying Cujo was "stellar" isn't exactly the most accurate statement I've ever heard. I think he had an ok playoff both years but giving up bad goals at bad times of the game was part of the problem with the Wings that season. You would have a 1-1 game and he gives up a 5 hole goal with no screen and they end up losing 2-1. Again not all his fault but he didn't steal any games either. Along with the other things you mentioned (no key goals/bad coaching etc.) Cujo's heart was never with the Wings and you could see that day one when he had his going away presser for the Leafs. He was bawling like a little girl. That's what happens when you sign for the money and not stay where your heart is. Wings should have told him to go scratch right after that press conference. Wings had a mess on their hands from day one but I'm not going to call Cujo a scapegoat. He was part of the problem not part of the solution!
  10. Lidstrom's Chances at Another Norris

    For him to have a chance to win it he has to have a good start to the season. Been a while since that's happened. His second half of the seasons though have been great. The media buzz isn't around him anymore though so he would have to go above and beyond throughout the season to win it.
  11. 4th line

    Downey? Do some of you honestly thing the guy makes the team? He'll be lucky to make GR! Miller and Meech are more than likely both gone and Ritola/Draper will be riding the pines until someone gets hurt. Only way Downey is on this team is if 5 guys get hurt early preseason. Otherwise he has no chance!
  12. should there be another team in the NHL?

    Expand?!?! Oh hell no, this league is watered down with marginal garbage players as it is. If anything they could contract 2 to 3 teams. Also I lived in Las Vegas for 15 years and no way would they support a team out there. The city is too fickle and if they had a bad season no one would go. It would be another in the long line of teams that would be put in cities that don't need a hockey team! Reason the decent players are out of work is the top players make too much money and the mid range guys won't take pay cuts for teams to get under the cap. They need to work that out and get rid of the minimum wage bums (minimum wage in NHL terms)
  13. Your favorite ALL TIME player on each team

    Bruins - Rick Middleton Sabres - Lafontaine Canadiens - Jean Beliveau Senators - Hossa (don't kill me) Leafs - Sittler Devils - Zach Parise Isles - Bossy Rangers - Adam Graves Flyers - Reggie Leach Penguins - Mario Thrashers - Kovalchuk Hurricanes - Erik Cole Panthers - No one Lightning - Lecavalier Capitals - Mike Gartner Flames - Lanny McDonald Avalanche (nordiques) - Peter Stastny Oilers - Messier Wild - No one Canucks - Tomas Gradin Blackhawks - NO ONE EVER!! Blue Jackets - Rick Nash Red Wings - Yzerman Predators - No one, it's the most boring team ever Blues - Bernie Federko Ducks - Selanne Stars - Modano Kings - Robitaille Coyotes - No one Sharks - Larionov
  14. Wings' Goaltending Situation

    I'll pray for no slump for Howard and Osgood can handle the regular season.
  15. What Current NHL Players are Locks for the Hall of Fame?

    Along with Vernon the other multiple cup winner that's not in is Tom Barasso. 2 time cup winner but still no HOF!