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  1. 2012 World Ice Hockey Championships

    Sweden-Latvia third period starting soon. Nice hit by Kronwall in the second and a sweet goal by Zetterberg. (not sure if this works outside Sweden)
  2. 10 Favourite Red Wings

    1. Yzerman 2. Fedorov 3. Lidström 4. Cicarelli 5. Probert 6. Shannahan 7. McCarthy 8. Datsyuk 9. Zetterberg 10. Gallant Honorable mentions: Kocur, Sheppard and Vernon
  3. Matthias Ritola recalled from G.R.

    My guess would be that Ritola gets a little christmas bonus. Considering both Ryno and Axelsson decided to go back to Sweden, he must have had some thoughts about leaving as well. Now he gets a bonus for his decision to stay and fight for a spot in the big league.