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  1. Six Flying Eagles

  2. Most Annoying NHL Fans

    I'm a little disappointed to see Flyers fans are held in this regard. I think a lot of people misunderstand what it's like for a city that loves our sports as much as we do. Fans here are just tired of losing, and unfortunately, our idiots steal the limelight.
  3. Collectors

  4. Report: Jeff Carter has affair w/ Scott Hartnell's wife

    Good point, but I would think they'd just hide from it and hope it goes away if it was true. That's how I'd handle it, anyway.
  5. Report: Jeff Carter has affair w/ Scott Hartnell's wife

    I live in Philly and these rumors are untrue. The players publicly addressed them yesterday.
  6. Collectors

    Hi, I'm a Flyers fan, and I was wondering if someone here can help me. I'm looking for the 1997 Stanley Cup shot glass, with both the Flyers and Red Wings logos on it. All I need to know is, does this item exist? I can't find a pic on Google images, and people from around my part of the country all seem to want to forget that series, so they're not much help. I'd appreciate any information. Thanks.