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  1. This
  2. I wonder if we will hear stories about how Pittsburgh is too old, too slow and how their dynasty is over?
  3. This pretty much nails it.
  4. I bought NHL Center Ice once, long ago. Never again. I was told by the cable company I would be able to see all the Redwings games. Well guess what, I could only see the away games. Even though I am 2.5 hrs from Detroit I was considered to be in the "blackout area".
  5. This
  6. Once again a terrible pp
  7. What a cheap knee to knee hit.
  8. Pathetic PP
  9. Funny but true story, I was talking to a girl who works at Ted's Montana Grill in the Arena District in Columbus. She said Blue Jackets players would come in often to eat, and when I asked her what they would talk about she said they liked to talk about soup.
  10. Finally some heart from the wings.
  11. This team needs some serious house cleaning this off season. Those on this team who dont play hard, have no heart must go.
  12. This team is absolutely pathetic.
  13. Watchn the sharks is like watchn euro soccer. Flopping all over the place.
  14. This team plays with no heart.
  15. What a group of bums