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  1. Berry


  2. I'm swiss and I know Brunner very well. He has been the best player for the last couple of seasons. Apparently, he has a very good work ethic and he is a good finisher too. The gap between NHL and Swiss National Leaugue is big, but he has great skating abilites and he is fast with the puck. He never had problems playing against physical teams. MLive and Detnews say that Brunner will sign with the Wings, but Swiss sites are more neutral (as Switzerland is : ) ). We have to way a couple of days before knowing if he is going to sign. Apparently, he is not allowed to talk to the media because he still have a contract with Zug (until july 1st). I'll let you know!
  3. Berry

    Red Wings make offer to Damien Brunner

    As swiss, I'd love to see Brunner wearing the winged wheel! In our league he is one of the best. He is young, he can skate and he has good hands. Come on Kenny!!
  4. Berry

    Chants From The Joe At Game 3?

    Here's mine: F*** you Weber !!!
  5. Berry

    Shea Weber fined for Zetterberg "headslam"

    That's a joke. I've always had a lot of respect for Weber, but I really hope that Abby or someone else elbows his f****** head. In any case: playoffs = no suspentions (Shanny is already playing golf)
  6. Berry

    Gill to Nashville

    Hall Gill has just been traded to Nashville. Hope that this means that Suter will be traded, possibly to Detroit. What do you think?
  7. Some thoughts… Red Wings have now lost 4 in a row and things do not seem to get better. At the beginning of the season Holland, Babs and all the players said that they liked this team. It is a few seasons now that I think that our team needs a big change. The players don’t change, the way of playing doesn’t change… this is pretty weird. In the same all the other teams are making changes. In this team we only have 4-5 guys which can make the difference in every game: Lidstrom, Z, Dats and Howie and sometimes Franzen. All the other guys are simply average NHL players. This team is full of players which play well 1 game and then vanish for the next 3-4 and this is unacceptable (if you want to be a cup contender). I’m sick of hearing: “this will be Flip’s breakout year”, “Huds is in shape and he will score 70 points”, “Commodore and White are better than Rafalski”, “we lost tonight because we played 2 game in a row and we were tired “ etc. Kenny Holland should change a little bit his mind. Sometime you need trades to improve a team!!! Hope this will happen soon.
  8. Berry

    Best sections at the Joe...

    Ok thanks. But which one is the best (not taking into account the price of the ticket)?
  9. Berry

    Best sections at the Joe...

    I was just wondering, where is the best section to sit at the Joe... Thanks
  10. Berry

    Holland saving $ to make a push for Weber?

    It won't happen this season because we already have 7 D-men. Next year we'll add someone for sure, but not now.
  11. Berry

    Caps trying to trade Semin?

    By adding Semin, this team could easily go to the conference/stanley cup finals and beat them all. But I don't think this will happen (adding Semin). In fact Holland is already thinking about next year's free agents (especially Kronner -> his salary will increase) and about the salary cap that will probably go down (that means the we'll loose some players).
  12. Berry

    Caps trying to trade Semin?

    I was just going trough some rumors around the league, and I noticed that the Caps are probably trying to trade Semin. It would be a great addition to our team. It would allow us to have 4/6 highly skilled forwards. This team is too much loaded of "standard" top 6 forwards. What do you think? Am I dreaming or not? I know, probably it won't happen because of his salary (6.7 M).
  13. Salut! Je suis très content que tu m'as écrit! Moi je viens du tessin mais j'etudie a lausanne depuis le 2006. Est-ce t'as facebook? ++

  14. Hey Berry! J'ai juste vu ton message sur la page principale du forum.. je ne me log presque jamais mais je parcours le site tous les jours, étant un vrai fan des Wings.. J'ai habité à Lausanne et j'habite maintenant à Fribourg- Tu prévois de faire un road trip aux USA? Voir un match des Wings est un rêve que je réaliserai j'espère tout prochainement!! A+!!

  15. Berry

    Important information

    Hi guys. During the first weeks of febraury 2012 I'll make a trip to the United States (tourist). I'm a Red Wings fan and I'd like to come to the Joe to see a match. Can everyone tell me the procedure to purchase tickets in internet? Thanks a lot! See you at the Joe!