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  1. gdt

    Boos for Granato,ovation for Babs lol
  2. gdt

    Good evening all. Didn't log for a while,but I'm ready for another ups and downs Red Wings season. LGW
  3. That philosophy made sense when we arguably had better veteran players in Detroit.Last couple of seasons,not so much. We had an opportunity to watch a lot of kids from Grand Rapids due to injuries and surprisingly none of them underperformed.Yes,reasonably they had rookie mistakes,but not more bone head plays than proven veterans like Cleary,Bert or Quincey.
  4. Some contradiction in Babs interview,but he takes responsibility for bad moves and decision,unlike Holland.
  5. It's not only that ufa's don't want to sign here anymore,our own prospects lost confidence in his abilities...see under Tatar,Jarnkrok or Almquist lately,both assistant coaches left,Stevie and Nill left,Babcock didn't re-sign yet... must have something with good ole Kenny. #fireholland
  6. Signed

    That's how Tomaš Jurčo feels at the moment while Nyquist's giving him a hug.
  7. Signed

    So no room for Jarnkrok or Legwand,but obviously yes for Cleary...tragicomic #fireholland
  8. There were/are half of dozen short term options better than Quincey still available,but as mentioned,let's stay pat for now...unless we could move Kindl or Lashoff somehow
  9. 3rd round pick for Ken Holland...looks like a steal for me #fireholland
  10. signed

    Ken just bought the same used car that didn't work well for him at first and payed it even more.That's brilliant strategy. :clap:
  11. signed

    Even Malik and Khan dissapeared from twitter for some time...that bad it is :lol:
  12. And somewhere in Sweden Adam Almquist's having a good laugh at the moment. FML
  13. Del Zotto's only 24 years old and could fit to our young group of d men well.Still a lot of room for improvement for him unlike Kindl and especially for Quincey.
  14. So basically Ken offered better deals.but everyone has failed.It looks like some kind of revenge of the players managers for eventually low-balling them in the past...dunno