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  1. Ditto. Shanny is awesome.
  2. At least Montreal finally won .........if Chicago wins tonight it's curtains for SJ
  3. Rooting for Chicago & Montreal....wouldn't mind if Philly won, but I'm not rooting for the Sharks....the Cup living in California? Um, no. Sharks = five power plays. Chicago = 0 power plays. I am so surprised.
  4. I gotta vote for the Mighty Ducks. That name is embarassing, to say the least. puffy.....your avatar....LOL
  5. Me too. I love how Gator (97.1) impersonates him.....priceless.
  6. Ditto. Cannot believe he scored the winner. Murphy's Law strikes again.
  7. Rich people? Poor people? Mid-level people? How about just people. Some are good, some are bad, some are kind, some are killers. IMO #40 lands in the good guy column, "rich" or not. Everything is relative. Anyway, I think I would ask him to buy me the entire supply of cinnamon rolls at IKEA.
  8. I'm rooting for any team with a Wing on it, but my first pick is Canada because of Yzerman. Second pick is Sweden.
  9. Oh well I just couldn't let this one go. Choked? Seriously? Losing by one goal is choking? Right. Ok, so if the Wings "choked".......that means the Pens weren't that good, we were just that bad.
  10. Me too. Ovechkin plays dirty sometimes, and no doubt if he hurt one of our players we'd call for blood......just like we did when Claudia ran Draper into the boards. That though, is a very different feeling from the one most people get when they think of Crosby. The first one is normal, revenge filled ire that rages until the subject (Claudia) is beaten to a pulp by a Red Wing warrior (McCarty) in a fair fight. Revenge was won when the subject turned into a turtle, and that was that. Hockey stuff. Crosby is another story. Somehow the whiny/baby/wha wha/me me me/I know it all even though I'm 2 yrs old stuff is way more irritating and more difficult to remedy. Don't asky me why it's more irritating, it just is. Of course it's not rational. Why would one be more P'd off at a baby than a bully? I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that we can't just punch the baby in the face even though we really really want to. We can't fight back cause the baby doesn't even know how to fight. Anyhoo, this Ranger guy has it right
  11. Number of injuries at this time, maybe, but we still win the injury bug war cause we've had more guys out (top players) for months at a time.....Pittsburgh has not. I think only Edmonton has had it worse than us. syntax, I hear you, and agree, lol. I won't be home during the game..probably a blessing in disguise....will DVR it and can fast forward past the commercials and the Cindy love fest. Anyway, I have a sneaky feeling we win this game today
  12. Ditto This. I vote for the team playing at the downtown outdoor rink instead of playing at the Palace In reality, I hope they sign a year to year deal with the Joe while building a new Olympia.......more seats but keep the atmosphere inside and out. Red Barn #2.
  13. Yes, definitely cooler than me.........I voted for Cindy...though I don't actually hate her, she's just oh so annoying. My favorite quip is somewhere on YouTube...... it reads...... "Crosby & Malkin. Two girls. One Cup"
  14. Will do that.......... heard him this morning, hope he stays.