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  1. For me it was pong on a computer with a 5 inch green screen built right into the computer and a drive bay just as big as the computer to read the disks like a floppy but bigger and thin Pong frist second was frogger.. on the same green screen computer..
  2. Which Is Your Favorite Sport?

    My favorite sport is rugby and high jump.. I like rugby because i am one of the best tacklers in my year.. its a long story... Before i went to the school that i am at now,, i was playing rugby with my friends and i swear to one of my friends that i would never play rugby and i would never ever like it at all,, but look were i am am in the squad for year 8, and why i am in there is because i am one of the best tacklers as i mentioned and in the squad i play flanker.. I like high jump because the first time i played it was in year four and i should of came first but this guy cheated, which i cant remember how, but i came second and i hadn't done high jump until year 8 and i came second best in my year and i hadn't played it in like three to four years so i was quite good at it.. Post back and tell me what your favorite sports are and why!! see later!!