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  1. Daughter is at the game (freshman at BU) was just on the jumbotron waving her Howard jersey!
  2. A little different angle of Tatar's empty net goal!
  3. Awsome game to be at. Great crowd at the War Memorial. Got high fives and fist pumps all night in my Howard jersey. Two GR/Wings fans sat right in front of us so we high fived after every goal. You can see me behind the goal to the left jump up on both Evans goal and Tatar's empty netter. Could see into the locker room as they celebrated and sang. Really cool and so happy for them!
  4. Didn't get to watch much of the last two games so not sure how they ended up back in Syracuse, but I'm on my way back too! Can't wait and hope I'm there to help them celebrate the Cup!
  5. Had a great time at the game. Passed Stevie Y a couple times as he came from his seat right past the end of our section. My daughter got Nyquist's autograph when he came out of the locker room. Missed Tatar but we went out and she waved to him on the bus and he came out for an autograph and a picture. War Memorial is a great old venue. Saw two octopi and a win. Great win!!
  6. Smaller ice but great energy in this old building!
  7. Ok I think I just passed Stevie Y on the stairs!
  8. Headed to Syracuse soon for this game!
  9. Looks like lots of confusion so far....
  10. gdt

    @HeleneStJames: #RedWings recall Thomas McCollum to back up Jimmy Howard tonight vs. Canucks. Scheduled starter Jonas Gustavsson re-aggravated tender groin
  11. lgw

    Dats with 3 assists on that goal!