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  1. I think it would be Flip or Huds and the rest. Way to much to give up.
  2. I think seeing the grind line is almost for sure. Howe and Redmond are also pretty much guarantees i think. *edit* It would be funny to see cujo play one period for each team.
  3. from the article.
  4. amazing.
  5. How many youtubes had omark scored?
  6. I cant wait to see what the first Matt Cooke video is like.
  7. This is my favorite thread ever.
  8. i'll be up at the top of 217b. so stoked.
  9. e5!!
  10. espn article
  11. JMac looks stronger and stronger each game.
  12. on the radio they just said Howard has a "upper body injury" and he will not return. f***.
  13. Mr. Allan's Sports Dome All tickets are $29.00 or 2 for $50.
  14. Stu might play the lightning game, if not then the game after. According to Babs interview after practice today