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  1. Any Brother got a stream link to the game. Help a man in Northern Ireland out.
  2. Tank a game because of Cleary?? I'm in the UK and I'm stuck watching the games on gamecenter. I'd give my left ballick to be able to be at The Joe, so if you can't go because you're not happy with one signing, double slap yourself and thank your lucky stars that you weren't around in the late 70's.
  3. Is Abby dead to you?
  4. Money on the Board - playoff style!

    Just to add now that the Cup is finished with the Belfast Giants fans that took part will be sending £83 ($130) to a charity called Tiny Life http://www.tinylife.org.uk/ a Northern Ireland Charity that helps pre term babies and their families. Cheers Davy
  5. Visors Required - New NHL Players in '13-'14

    I've did a little maintenance work in some Walmarts. I could be hanging a door or painting a wall, fairly low risk work but it is mandatory to wear gloves, steel toed boots, long sleeved shirt, hard hat, high viz vest and eye protection. I don't have 6'3" 200lb men coming at me with sticks but its designed to help me go home in the same nick I left the house in the morning. It's about changing attitudes, it's unacceptable for people to get seriously hurt in a life changing way in the workplace. Used to be people wouldn't wear their high viz, now you can't get people to take them off. Give the visor rule time, if it helps one guy to be able to see his grand kids and tell them what it was like to be a Wing without being blind in one eye or have a scared face from an errant stick is that not worth it? It's not about dressing like a 9th century Knight, it's about protecting bits of the anatomy that don't get better with rest and recouperation.
  6. Zetterberg wins NHL Foundation Player Award

    People might be needy in Detroit but they probably don't need water in the quantities Z is enabling.
  7. Money on the Board - playoff style!

    Just to add to the above it's still going on our forum as not everyone is clever enough to be a Wing! I'm running point to gather the money over here and we will be sending it to a Northern Ireland charity called Tiny Life that supports local families with pre term babies. Personal tally was $38 and as my mate has the Bears and Marchand, theres hopeful still plenty more to come in and as a bonus Cindy will cry. I'll post back here after the Final and let you know the outcome! I'm relying on their honesty as I haven't seen a score since we choked in CI.
  8. The ugly elephant in the room

    As said before the season finished tonight. I'll probably see some updates on social media but I'll not be going looking for them. Roll on 1st July.
  9. Money on the Board - playoff style!

    Hope you don't mind but I have put a similar thread on www.kingdomofthegiants.com (Belfast Giants) fans forum and we are going to pick a local Northern Ireland charity to donate to. As we all support various NHL teams (mine obviously being the Wings) so hopefully we'll get a few quid in the pot, I'll let you know how it goes. I've gone $2 Franzen goal, $10 series win & $10 shut out! And just as a bumper $5 per victim "Kronwalled"
  10. Red Wings "Believe" Bracelet

    Not sure if you are still looking this but I have a box of them in Northern Ireland.
  11. Drew Miller

  12. Drew Miller

    Wee update. Drew is 13+12 in 16 games including a four goal game last night against Fife.
  13. Drew Miller

    Clan press conf. Skip the first 2.30
  14. Drew Miller

    Drew has signed for the Braehead Clan in Glasgow, Scotland in the Elite League. http://sport.stv.tv/world-sport/193856-braehead-clan-honoured-as-nhl-ice-hockey-star-drew-miller-signs/
  15. 1/12 GDT: Red Wings 0 at Islanders 6

    Hey fellas, long time lurker on here thought I'd add my touch of perspective to last night. I drove 2 hours from Belfast to Dublin, ploughed through crazy security, flew for seven hours, drove 4 hours from Boston and paid a couple hundred dollars to see my first in the flesh Wings game last night. If we are still right on the fence come the Olympic break I think with Kroner and Mule almost there we'll go deep again. A road without obstacles rarely leads anywhere interesting! BELIEVE!