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  1. We were at this one, which makes for a different view than on screen... It has been a couple years since the last time I caught a live game (also Denver, DeKeyser's debut)... it definitely convinced me that coaching is the issue here. Couple things I noticed: Zone entry on the powerplay is godawful. Own zone entry on the PK is even worse... There seem to be two complimentary issues there - on the PP they are getting stood up at the blue line as the opposing team closed with them and shut them off in the neutral zone. Conversely, on the PK, they are very quickly collapsing into their own zone, letting the other team walk in and work the puck around the outside and set up good shots. Nielsen looks a lot better in person as a player. Athanasiou and Larkin are fast as hell. Mantha is a giant. Z is carrying so much of this team right now. That Mike Green one timer from the point needs to get set up 10 more times a game. Oullet looks good. There are good players out there, especially forwards, but they seem to be holding back and second guessing their positioning because they are being told to do things that might not be the right things to do - the passing ends up being hesitant and they are rarely moving the puck effectively laterally - with all the high skill players they have, they should be able to move the puck so much better than they do. They came back hard after each Colorado goal, only to get sucked back into the above after a shift or two. Glendening and Miller looked awful. Anyway... just a few thoughts I had.
  2. Won't matter on the season, might matter on the guy. I think it's probably the right call.
  3. Is there actually any value in a sixth round pick? I don't think they hide Zetterbergs and Datsyuks down there anymore... I mean, as a UFA, there was no point in keeping him and get whatever you can, etc, but... I can't get excited about a sixth, and wouldn't be sad if he came back as the cheap role playing 4th liner he was... though I have no problem with kids getting a shot too.
  4. Maybe they are trading for Vancouver's pick and are doing the 'trade us your 1st or we play him against you tonight!' thing. (totally joking since it seems VAN is too far out)
  5. Because Green isn't on the table and Smith is.
  6. Kicking tireds.
  7. Anyone else think that them recalling Miller means that Sheahan is gone? Or is that too specific, and it could mean Vanek or Sheahan?
  8. How much of an opportunity does a guy need? It might click for him elsewhere, but clearly he wasn't going to here. Hope the pick is good... couldn't really be worse (not saying he's awful, just that he clearly didn't have a role here).
  9. Pittsburgh was thought to be a potential landing point for Smith, yeah? How does their trade for Ron Hainsey affect that? I don't know much at all about his game... seems like he's probably a fair bit different than Smith, but signing him means they probably aren't looking for more.
  10. He's young, he's to a large extent proven... weak draft class... I'd take him. By the time he peaks in 4 - 6 years maybe the team can be turned around.
  11. I was going for more 'man, they are both terrible', so we might be on the same page anyway.
  12. Two games in hand, six worse on goal differential and 3 points ahead is hardly a better record...
  13. We have tickets to go see the Wings play them next month in Denver... might be a sad game all around.
  14. There's no killing what can't be killed!
  15. Always want the win, always disappointed in the loss... still love watching the game, and understand that if they do lose, it'll probably be better in the long run... but my lizard brain keeps thinking suddenly the current roster will be magically awesome.