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  1. BobL

    Dougie Hamilton

    Just read this, which was interesting: Nyquist + Ericsson/Jensen/? + what would it take? And would Nyquist waive his NTC to go to Calgary? Probably not...
  2. BobL

    Standings, the good the bad and the ugly

    Come on, unending string of one goal losses!
  3. BobL

    Rumors Thread

    I'd say it's because Tampa and Washington aren't interested in a guy who might work out, they need ready to go, ready to win a cup.... that'd be my thoughts on why they didn't do conditionals - they are not looking to build the franchise, looking for immediate impact for the playoffs with a rental.
  4. BobL

    Rumors Thread

    There you go.
  5. BobL

    Rumors Thread

    I'm sure there is more than just McDonagh going back the other way... EDIT: Well... maybe I'm sure.
  6. BobL

    Rumors Thread

  7. This is about where I'm at. I'm fully prepared for the wings to be awful.
  8. Yeah... they have skates from two years ago... they don't have the model I am interested in, though - so hoping to nab last year's when they hit clearance.
  9. BobL

    Detroit Right Wings

    I don't get it, and I very much don't like it.
  10. Wondering if anyone knows when the new year Bauer stuff comes out. I need to grab a new pair of skates, and I want to get last year's models on clearance when the new ones hit... do online places usually discount the old when the new hit, or do they wait?
  11. BobL


    You are thinking of the Portland Man Buns.
  12. I guess the call was maybe 'good' in terms of the legal definition, but man did I dislike it. Had no bearing on the play whatsoever, he had the puck, it didn't lead immediately to a goal... I don't like it, 'right' or no.
  13. BobL


    Been fun as hell watching Nashville this postseason. Bummer on their injuries - shows you what a good D can do. Crossing my fingers for them in the final! Also, sad Corey Perry == Happy Everyone Else.
  14. BobL


    Isn't there a rule that anyone who wants a crack at Corey Perry gets it? Come on, ref. Brush up on your rulebook.
  15. It's really easy to beat a team that can't stop you from scoring a lot of goals...