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  1. Every time Abdelkader is near the puck I get agitated. I don't think I've seen him make a legitimate play in months.
  2. Truckfighters always make me think of Dozer... if you aren't familiar, bet you'd like it.
  3. A+ on Truckfighters. That's a good record.
  4. BobL

    What's worse than this team?

    My 12Us.
  5. BobL

    Somewhere a human being put this list together

    That has gotta be bot generated based on jersey/t shirt sales, and Mrazek is attached to the Wings but selling Canes jerseys...
  6. BobL

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    I'm a fan of the man... tough when you are expected to step into #5's shoes. Nothing in that career to complain about. Sad to see that era end (or does it not *really* end until Helm is gone? )
  7. BobL

    "The Russian 5" Documentary

    Watched last night. Super, super good. Can buy/rent on Amazon video. Wife isn't into hockey and she was riveted... she also didn't know any of the Konstantinov stuff, so that was interesting to watch with her.
  8. BobL

    WCF: San Jose Sharks vs. St Louis Blues

    Much rather see the Blues w/ the cup than either of the other teams... though I want that 2nd and Nyquist back. Weird situation to find myself kinda rooting for the Sharks this year.
  9. The Mark Stone trade puts some perspective on this, I think...
  10. Can't really compare these trades: ...and Jensen was not.
  11. And the only cure is the dry air of Calgary?
  12. BobL

    Which Extra Forward Should Sit?

    Yeah, I don't know... I wonder if as a team you get more out of having a guy like Witkowski on the ice even if he isn't as likely to score as Frk... seems like he's a positive presence, and maybe they need more of that at the moment? Dunno.
  13. BobL

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    Yeah, to what we got for Tatar. A first rounder would be nice... but I'm somewhat skeptical. Guess it depends on his season - which will be a question mark w/ Z gone.
  14. BobL

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    Nobody will pay close to that much for a post-season rental.
  15. BobL

    Dougie Hamilton

    Just read this, which was interesting: Nyquist + Ericsson/Jensen/? + what would it take? And would Nyquist waive his NTC to go to Calgary? Probably not...