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  1. In NHL 17 I was able to trade Ericsson, Bertuzzi and Frk for Trouba. Too bad we lost Frk or they could've just done that.
  2. That is what I remember as well.
  3. Agreed.
  4. Losing AA would be a big mistake at this juncture... I'd rather hold on to Nyquist too, though... I think he had an off year during a year that the organization had an off year, and paired with the right playmaker he could come back and be better than he ever was. Though I could be wrong... ... and we still need that D. If those were my choices, I'd choose Fowler.
  5. I am echoing what others have said already, but I think it needs to be echoed... I feel like a lot of the 'How did Holland sign this guy?' and 'Where's our change?!?!?' posts really ignore the part of the equation where you have to get someone to agree to come... Stamkos wasn't available. Okposo didn't want to come here. I think Nielson will be good, and makes the team better than it was last year. Of course we would all want a shorter term... but this is the reality of the market.
  6. signed

    I really like Helm being on the team... but I do think it is overpayment by about .8 - 1M. 3rd Line center, I think he's that guy. I'd never want Shaw. Bleh.
  7. Trade 'em E.
  8. Which might be a good argument for Staal for a short contract... then hope something better is available when his contract ends. I don't know what UFAs there might be the next couple years, so I don't know who that is, but... just thinkin'.
  9. Think we could swing Ladd and Okposo?
  10. Hudler and Fillpula, right?
  11. Bummer.
  12. I read that as $7.6M total, $3.8M/year...
  13. Every time I look at the forum topic list I read this as '... are going to hell', and do a double take.
  14. Trade

    Bravo. Well done, Kenny.
  15. Not great, but the old one was embarrassingly bad... re: the old one, I agree with the comment of it looking like crummy tattoo flash. This and the Jets logo look like they were designed by the same people... steps in the right direction compared to a lot of the last round of logos (thinking original panthers, wild 'beast' thing, thrashers, hurricanes)... but nowhere near as cool as the old school.