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  1. Patrick Eaves Watch Thread.

    Right now Eaves does not need to be on that fourth line in my opinion he deserves to be on the second line. All you have to do is look at his stats more importantly his goals. He has more goals then Bertuzzi who is a second liner, he has just as many goals as Filpula the second line center most of the year. Yeah Eaves doesn't have the assist that the other players have but that can be associated with the line he is playing on which isn't meant to be a scoring line. If you put him on a line with other offensive players his points will increase significantly. This guy is a top 6 foward on this team right now and when they are all healthy he should not be put lower then the third line. There is no way in hell that Hudler should be on the third line when Eaves is scoring and playing circles around him. Right now the second line should be Cleary-Filpula-Eaves and when they are healthy the third line should be Cleary-Modano-Eaves. The guy has earned his right to play a bigger roll on the team and if Babcock is looking for a guy to step up he shouldn't be looking at Hudler should be looking at Eaves.
  2. 9/24 Pre-season GDT: Chicago Blackhawks at Red Wings

    Teams try and play there young guys more when they are playing a team with there core in to see what they can do against NHL players. The preseaon is less about winning and more about seeing what you have and how they play in different situations. Thats why its not really a big deal if the Wings didn't kill the Blackhawks tonight. Its the preseason it is really hard to try and convince your good player to go out and play there best when they are playing for nothing. Not to mention for alot of this players its only there first or second game this season so there is some rust there. So thats why the guys that already have a roster spots are not looking so impressive. The young guys are the one who are trying to impress and prove themselves. That is why you hear alot on these forum that a player that is heading to Grand Rapids looks alot better then some one on the rooster its just because the people who have a spot are not trying really hard well the young guys are playing there best.
  3. Power Forwards

    Watch clips of Zetterberg on the rush when he is confronted by a defender. 9 times out of 10 he will skate around them or use positioning to get by the them. Very rarely do you see Zetterberg go right at the defender and straight to the net. He will try and beat them on the outside then use his momentum and body position to cut into the net. That is not how a power forward rush the net. Now go watch some clips of Franzen watch how he reacts when he gets the puck 9 times out of 10 he drives straight to the net. Watch most of Franzen goals they usually come 1 of 3 ways. First way is him driving to the net he will go right at the defence and shot it right before any contact is made but none the less its still a direct drive to the net. He also has the skill set to deke his way through the defender but if you watch him when he does it he is always heading directly for the net. Second way Franzen gets goals is off of rebound whether is standing in front or driving to the net. The third main way he scores is getting a pass for a one timer which a direct result of him driving to the net. The one thing that is common to all three of these types of goals is he is always driving to the net. Sure I know someone going to say that not all the way he scored goals I realize that he score more then in those three scenarios but the bulk of his goals are scored by driving to the net. If we look at Zetterberg goals yes he has some that come of a rebounds but his game is more find open space or create your own space by having a good position. Remember the goal Zetterberg scored against the Canucks last season with 0.3 seconds left in overtime. If you watch what he does he gets the puck moves up the boards cuts into the middle of the ice use his positioning to get a step ahead of the Canuck defender and scores. If it was Franzen in the same situation he would have pivoted and charged straight at the net. That is why Franzen is a power forward and Zetterberg is not. They play two distinct style that are not similar to each other in anyway.
  4. Power Forwards

    This is a video of Zetterberg scoring a shorthanded goal. I could not find another one of him coming on the rush. However this video does show how Zetterberg is not a power forward. He is one on one with the defense and he use skill instead of power to get by the defender. You look at most of Zetterberg goals or rush to the net he will 9 time out of ten go around the defender rather then throught him. This is a compilation of Franzen goals. You can see most of the goals Franzen in driving to the net or in front of the net. When he gets the puck deep in the zone he has one destination and that is the net. The last goal is the is a good example he gets the rebound and there are two Predator players right infront of him instead of trying to go around he just go straight for the net. If you compare the two goals you can see Zetterbergs moves away from the defender in order to get to the net and score where as Franzen is going straight the net most of the time. Thats the difference in my opinion between power forward and a not a power forward.
  5. Power Forwards

    I don't think Zetterberg is a power forward for the simple fact he does not use physical force to get to the net he more uses good position to get by players there is a different. A power forward could just skate his way through the defenders because he is strong enough to do so. Zetterberg protects the puck keeps his body between the defender and the puck, and is strong on his skates. These skills allow him by the defenders. Zetterberg could not just take the puck and power threw the defence he has to protect the puck and use angles to get by the defence. Yzerman did the same thing when he played I remember watching him in later years of his career playing in the playoffs against either the Ducks or the Oiler don't remember what team he was playing but it was him one on one against Pronger and he used his positioning keeping his body between the puck and the Pronger and got by him. He did it multiple times in that series and we can all agree that Yzerman is not a power forward. Just cause you are strong on your skates and have good positioning that allows you to get through defenders does not make you a power forward. Power forwards do not need to rely on positioning as much because they have the size and power to outright out muscle the defender. This is why I believe that Franzen is a power forward and Zetterberg is not. I think the fighting and penalty minutes is a useless definition to use on power forwards. I mentioned it in a previous post that any coach would prefer a player that is big and can go to the net and score then a player that can go to the net and score who also is a liability because he is always in the box. You can make the argument that the power forwards get less penalties now because of the stiffer obstruction rules. There is no need for all the rough play after a rush to the net because as soon as the power forward breachs the defenders any additional contact will result in a penalty. The obstruction calls really stop the need for any retalition on the forwards part. If you draw a penalty there is really no use to give the guy a few extra shots to make the point that you won't stand for that.
  6. Power Forwards

    I was under the impression that a power forward was a forward that used his size to get to the net. Franzen meets this desciption sure he does fight or rack up a ton of penalty minutes but doesn't change the fact that is what he is. Yeah you can say the definition of a power forward has changed with good reason. If you can get a big strong player with some puck handling skill to use his size to get to the net without racking up the penalty minutes. In my opinion that is a better player then a guy with the same skill that has a 100+ penalty minutes. You can change the name but essentially the power forwards of old times and the power forwards now were put on for a single reason and that is to use there size to produce scoring opportunities.
  7. Pavel Datsyuk

    Its funny I remember when Datsyuk first started playing for the Wings. I was just a teenager living with my parents never had the internet and only got Wings game that was broadcasted on national tv. I seen him and Zetterberg playing on the third and fourth line and couldn't believe how good they were. I found myself just watching and waiting for them to come on the ice because it seemed like something amazing was always about to happen when they were on the out. I remember watching the games with my mom and telling her about these two player and how good they were. This was well before they became they became the superstars they are now. I had the same opinion of Hudler. Seen him playing on the fourth line and it just always seemed like something incredible might happen. I think its going to be a break out season for Hudler and I would be really surprised to seem him on the third line all season. I think he will be on the second line by december. It would also be fun to think of Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Hudler all on one line if they all had chemistry together. That is alot of skill on one line probably be hands down the best line in the league. How would you defend against that or even get a chance to touch the puck. I remember watching Datsyuk and Zetterberg in the 08 playoffs against Colorado and they just took over just imagine another player like that on that line. Holmstrom is the weak spot on the line he lacks the skill to keep up with them two. Just think it would be something to watch three incredibly skilled players on my line. I seriously doubt we will ever see Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Hudler on one line but it would be really cool if they did.
  8. Should we try a new top Defensive pairing?

    I am not to worried about what pairings they decide to use. I can't see Howard cracking that much this year even if he does have a sophmore slump I don't think it will make much of a difference. The hardest thing for Howard this year will be trying to stay occupied during the long stretches of boredom. I have a feeling that this year is going to be alot like the 07/08 season and the 08/09 season where Detroit controls the puck about 80% of the time. If the Wings stay healthy I can't see Howard having very many nights of 30 plus shots. Just look at the forward lines there is not one line on there that doesn't have atleast one two way forward on it. Most of the forward lines have two, two way players on its and the fourth line has all 3 lol. Combine that with the D-core we have and it makes a really strong defensive team. There is alot of talk how offensive of a team the Wings are but very few people realize the defensive strenghts the Wings have. Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Filpula, Franzen, Cleary, Modano, Eaves, Helm, and Abdelkader are all strong two way players. Another benefit of having so many two way players on the team is it open up more scoring options for the D. Considering our d is filled with offensive d-man this is really good. Lidstrom, Rafalki, Kronwall, Stuart, and Ericsson can all score. So essentially we do not only have 3 strong lines but we have 3 strong line packed with two way forwards who can cover the d well they jump up in the play. This team has all the potential to be force in the NHL. It has all the piece just need to stay injury free and this team could be cup champs.
  9. Bold Predicitions for the 2010-2011 Season

    League Prediction -Ilya Kovalchuk has a nervous breakdown before he signs with any team causing him to lose his mind which results in him signing a 20 year 20,000 lithium tablet contract with the Happy Hill Insane Asylum floor hockey team (they play with foam sticks and nerf pucks so no one gets hurt). -After not winning the Stanley Cup, the Olympics, the scoring race, or the points race Ovie comes back a different player. He become a straight faced Russian scoring machine plowing down anyone in his way. He also stop the excessive goal celebration. However in a game against the Penguins Crosby score a natural hat trick in the first period which push Ovie over the edge and he starts a fight with Crosby which he wins. -A few games after the Crosby vs Ovie fight the Penguin play Detroit. Zetterberg shuts Crosby down like he usually does which frustrates Crosby. Fresh off his fight with Ovie he decides to start one with Zetterberg. During the fight Zetterberg lands a right hook to the chin of Crosby giving him a concussion. Zetterberg gets suspended for 15 games for no other reason then Bettman was so far up Crosby ass that he too suffered concussion like syndroms. -After realizing that most of his expansion teams did not work out, his inability to make a deal with ESPN, and the face of the league (Crosby) may never play again Gary Bettman hands in his letter of resignation. For some unknown reason Jim Basillie become the new commissioner of the NHL and his first act is to move the team in terrible markets to Canada. This results in 4 new Canadian teams The Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques, The Hamilton Loonie Toonie's (cause that will be as much as the city of Hamilton will have left after the renovations of Copps), and the Toronto We Are Even Better Then The Leafs. Detroit predictions -By November Franzen will be on the top line with Zetterberg and Datsyuk, Hudler will be playing with Bertuzzi and Filpula. Holmstrom will play with Modano and Cleary. -Helm, Eaves, Abdelkader will score more then Holmstrom, Modano, Cleary. -Howard will win the Vezina Trophy. Thats all.
  10. Ok I just want to make a few points about the whole Miller/Ritola situation. 1. The decision about who they keep and who they trade depends majorly on what they have to lose. If they trade Miller they just lose Miller. If they trade Ritola, Miller is on the team this year as the 13th or 14th forward at the end of the seasen he become a UFA and decides not to play for Detroit the next year because he didn't get to play much this season. Basically trade Miller you only lose Miller, trade Ritola and you lose Ritola and Miller in a year. 2. Draper is not a option to do anything with. The Wings can't trade Draper because he has a no trade clause on his contract. Draper can't retire without him still counting against our cap. We also can't waive Draper because if we sent him to the minors, you guessed it he still counts on the teams cap minus a $ 100,000. So moving Draper is not an option in any realm he will be a Wing this year no matter what. 3. Ritola will get a chance this season to play on the fourth line. How much he plays will depend on how he does in training camp, the preseason, and when he gets a shot during the season. It is foolish to assume that the Wings will go the entire season with out any injuries so if Ritola ends up being the 13th forward he will be the first one to get a shot when there is a injury. If i had to guess how quickly you will see Ritola on the fourth line, I would say that with in the first three games of the season. The beginning of the season is always plagued with injuries due to the fact the players are not used to playing NHL games. Four months is a long time to not play and when they start playing there will be pulled muscle injuries. If Ritola impresses Babcock you can see Ritola playing more frequently then one would assume. It would be beneficial for the fourth line if there was 4 players fighting every practise to get the spot on the fourth line.
  11. Who's left?

    I would like to see us get Modano and keep Eaves, Helm,and Abdelkader. Eaves has scoring potential he played really well when he first started in Ottawa and giving the right players around him he can get a few extra points aswell. I would like to see Miller back alswo but that probably won't happen they will need to let go of someone. This is the way i would like to see the lineup set up Filpula-Datsyuk-Hudler Franzen-Zetterberg-Bertuzzi Holmstrom-Modano-Cleary Abdelkader-Helm-Eaves Draper-Ritola This lineup will never be put on to ice because Holmstrom will always be on the top line. I would like Holmstrom on the third line simply to add scoring to the third line. Holsmtrom plays best infront of the net it seem better he plays with some shooters that can just get the puck on the net for a deflection. If there was ever a critizism of the top line for the Wings it would be the lack of skill that Holmstrom brings to the line. You would always see pav make a break out pass to Holmstrom who never had the skill to keep the play going. I know the top line has alot of set up skill and lacks some shooting skill on it but Datsyuk, Filpula and Hudler all can score quality goals. Alot of people say Datsyuk is not a natural scorer but all you need to do is look at most of his goals they are very well placed and are goal scorers goals. I think if we load the top line with skilled players we might be able to catch some of what the Wings had in the 08 playoffs between Pav and Zetterberg. Zetterberg, Bertuzzi, and Franzen seemed to have some chemistry in the playoff would like to see more of it. And the fourth line would add a tone of energy. On defense I don't think we need much alteration our third pairing would be the weakest. However I think Ericsson will have a much better season since he played much better the last few weeks of the season and in the playoffs. If we can find a cheap 6th dmen i would be great but I think we be solid even with out that addition. Here what i would like to see. Lidstrom-Rafalski Stuart-Kronwall Ericsson-Kindl Janik I would try Kindl out first if we did not get his game together I would go with Janik he is solid defensively. For the Goalies I would Think that Howard gets the start and Osgood as backup. However I suspect that you will see Osgood starting in net by the third game just to see what he has to offer. Howard will start the first two games of the season then Osgood will most likely start the following two. I believe Osgood will be walking a thin line in Detroit. If I had to predict I can see MacDonald the back up to Howard by December. I personally think Osgood has played his best hockey and will have similar problem this season as last. Like I said by December they will probably waive him.
  12. Red Wings will win game 7

    Ok this game is going to come down to a single factor. Who puts the puck in the net first. Since game 2 team who scored first won. Why is that because if the wings score first it force phoenix to play out side of there comfort zone trying to score. If phoenix score first they force us to play there game which we know the result of based on games 3 and 6. We might get away with given up one goal but once they have that 2 goal lead they are a tough team to come back on. To say the wings played a terrible game would be foolish especially if you watched the first period where they were all over Phoenix. They capitalized on a few miss plays got the lead and shut us down that is what happened in game 3 and it happened in game 6. They were not unmotivated or lazy just the Coyotes system of play make us look that way. Just got to watch us before they have the lead and after they are not given up but getting out played by the Coyotes system. Key to game 7 score first force them to pinch in there D and don't take stupid penalties. As for Lidstrom if he does retire I think the Wings should try to pick up Volchenkov from Ottawa the man is a shot block machine and tough as nails but disciplined and rumors out of Ottawa is they don't have enough cap to keep him. If lidstrom stays its awsome too.
  13. Prospective 2010-11 Red Wings Roster

    You mention that Lidstrom is declining in play really I don't even think that the dip in his stats this year is statistically significant. Nicks career average of goals in season he played more then 75 games is 13.6 he has 9 goals this year not really that far of his average. His Career average in points is 60 he has 49 this year again not really that big of a drop off. Final is +/- average in the course of his career is 23.8 and this year he had 23. Considering the offensive challenges the entire Wings team faced this season it is amazing he got as many points as he did. There a more significant drop in Datsyuk and Zetterberg stats this year. Logically it makes sense he be producing more. Most of his points come on assist which it is hard to assist on goals if the forward lines you playing with are having trouble scoring. Furthermore nick gets a lot of points shooting the puck and getting it deflected by Holmstrom in front. Holmstrom missed quite a few game which results in less points for Lidstrom. What is even more amazing is we had 229 goals for this season and 216 against that is practically a 1 to 1 ratio yet Lidstrom still has a unbelievable +23. When he had back to back +40 season the goal differential was 73 and 55 this years was only 13 and he still has a +23. He is not declining he is part of the team and if the whole team plays bad his number will reflect that.
  14. Jimmy's save without a helmet

    I don't think its that dangerous of play to let the play go after a goalie lost his helmet. There only so many ways a goalie loses his helmet the one that seem most likely is a puck hitting it like last night. What are the odds of a shot from the point that blows off the goalies helmet landing on the ground in front of him then the rebound shot catching him in the face. There not even that many pucks that hit goalies mask the likelihood of two pucks hitting someone in the head one right after the other is small not to mention one of them being strong enough to knock of the helmet. The important part of the rule is the immediate scoring chance. Lets say the puck hits the goalie in the head knocks off the helmet the rebound is only going to be like a few feet away from the goalie so the pucks close to the net the shots will probably be less powerful and lower. If there is a pass it will be for a play at a open net. The ref wouldn't let the team cycle the puck well the goalie has no mask. The rule make sense because the likelihood of the goalie losing his mask and getting hit in the face with the puck right after is really small.
  15. 2010 LGW Playoff Picks Game

    SJS/COL:3-4 CHI/NSH:4-2 VAN/LAK:3-4 PHX/DET:0-4 WAS/MTL:4-1 NJD/PHI:3-4 BUF/BOS:4-0 PIT/OTT:3-4 WC Champion:Detroit EC Champion:Ottawa SCF Champion:Detroit