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  1. I'm with F. Michael on this one, once the Red Wings are eliminated, I start pulling for the remaining team that has either never won or has gone the longest without winning, in this case I'm hoping for a Blues/Caps final, with the Blues winning it all since they have been around longer than the Caps by a few years.

    In all honesty though, I don't really care who ends up winning, as long as Chicago is out.

  2. Agreed 100%, something about his face makes me want to punch it, or see it punched. Reminds me of a Brad Marchand or Alex Burrows type, one of those spot-picking, non-stop chirping, pain in the @$$ guys that seems to particularly enjoy rubbing it in the faces of the opposing team and their fans. Too bad he wasn't the one Abby got a hold of to pound on at the end of game 2. Now that Blash is matching him up against that line, perhaps we will still get to see it. I'd go so far as to say all would be forgiven if Ericsson were to administer the beatdown.

  3. General Fanager retweeted

    Red Wings re-sign Tomas Jurco to two-year deal worth $1.8 million. Story:

    Savage more reliable? ;)

    Looks like they weren't as far apart as some would have led us to believe.

    This makes me happy, Jurco has been my favorite of the kids so far. I just hope he gets utilized properly, if so the numbers will come and his confidence will return.

  4. Are you serious Frank ? This is a game 7 with the Wings involved. Of course I'm watching this. And not despite but because of the circumstances. Wings have nothing to lose, but how sweet would a win be ? We will be talking about this game the next few years.

    I already knew I was going to have to miss the first part of the game, but given the circumstances I will definitely be tuning in immediately when I get home. Like you said, game 7 is game 7. Given everything the Wings have had to deal with, to bail on them now is unthinkable for me, if they manage to pull this one off, I would be kicking myself for a long time if I chose to protest instead of support the team.

  5. Apparently a Tampa area blogger published an article bashing the city of Detroit and the lightning website and Twitter posted it.... So, this guy wrote a perfect comeback article.

    Stay classy, Tampa Bay.


  6. Tampa, for all the reasons stated above, plus I would get to go to a game. However, I like the idea of exorcising the ghosts of playoff past by taking out Boston, Pittsburgh and San Jose all in one year, throw in Montreal just to stick it to them, if only we could play Chicago in a bonus playoff round for good measure.

  7. How do people not see how special this Jurco kid is going to be? He has a much higher ceiling than Tatar and I would possibly even consider trading Nyquist before Jurco. Kid is going to be unreal.

    ^This, as much as I love Tatar and Nyquist, in reality Jurco has a higher ceiling than either, plus he has size and enough aggressiveness to use it effectively. I really don't think any of the three should be considered as part of a deal for an expiring contract, and I think both sides know that. Like someone said, Andersson, Ferraro, and a conditional pick should get this deal done, Andersson is the odd man out in our logjam at center, Ferraro doesn't have much of a chance of cracking the 23 man roster and has a better than 50/50 chance of getting claimed off waivers for nothing, and a 3rd rounder that turns into a second rounder in 2016 if Green re-signs with us. With as many lopsided deals as we've been on the wrong end of lately, it would be nice to get a fair deal like this for a change.

  8. How do we know what's been asked of Jurco? Maybe his isn't even coming close to what's been asked. Babcock is slightly more knowledgable than I am in matters such as these, but I don't have much of an issue with this swap anyway. It lets the guys know that he willing to shake things up a bit.

    My point as not specifically what Babaock asked Jurco to do, I meant what players in a playoff situation are asked to do in general, go to the hard areas, play the body, back check, etc. which Jurco has done whether he is scoring or not. Could very well be other factors involved, but I disagree with this move on many levels.

  9. Total panic reaction and completely unnecessary! Jurco hasn't been part of the problem, he may not have been creating much offense but he has been doing everything else that he's asked to do. Also, Bert for Jurco makes our lineup slower, something I don't think we can afford with as much as we've been being outhit.

  10. I would go with:








    Hard to come up with a combo of Quincey, Lashoff, and Kindl on that bottom pairing that isn't cringeworthy, but Q has been making fewer bonehead plays lately, so keeping him with DeKeyser offsets the inevitability as DD can cover any brainfarts. Lashoff/Kindl is still a turd sandwich, just not a soggy one, limit their ice time and for the love of YFMB keep Kindl off the PP!

  11. As long as the likes of Bertuzzi, Samuelsson, Cleary never see the ice, I like our chances in this series. The kids have shown they have the talent to put up offense as well as the guts to go to the hard areas of the ice and win battles, which we have sorely lacked in recent playoff history. We need a solid effort out of our D, don't have to win us any games but also don't lose us any, and Howard needs to play at least as well as he did over his last 10 or so starts. The Bruins are a bigger and more physical team, but we have the edge in foot speed with just about every forward line matchup. We stay healthy, Wings in 6 or 7, we lose any of our regulars, hate to say it but Bruins in 5 or 6.