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  1. Marchand's not a bad guy, but he saw the hit coming and a real man braces himself and gives it right back. Clipping is taking the easy way out. Anyone can do that. There's nothing impressive or brave or admirable about what Marchand did. He just took the easiest option. Ducking down and clipping when an opponent comes in for a legal body-check is two things: - Cowardly - Dangerous I'm sure Brad regrets this decision. He's got too much respect for the game to repeat this crap.
  2. Fail. You make some very solid points.
  3. I love how this guy thinks he's the final word on prospect analysis because he frequents
  4. Where did you hear this?? I've never heard of anything like this. See below. This guy knows. Niemi can absolutely be traded.
  5. We get it. You don't want Modano. This thread is littering with you saying it. But this post doesn't even make sense.
  6. The 3pm Sportscentre??
  7. I agree that they should probably move a few of their bottom 6 players. But once they move Gagne, they won't need to if they don't want. This thread is about Philly's cap issues. I thought that's what we were discussing. I have no idea how you were able to infer that trading players with lower salaries does not clear cap space -- particularly after I acknowledged it has in the past with Leino and Detroit. All this notwithstanding, this isn't even really an argument or discussion anymore. We both know where we stand. You were just a little clumsy about it.
  8. Firstly, you said it wasn't about clearing space. No you're contradicting yourself. Second, my logic was to clear enough space to be under the cap. So by my logic trading Leino makes sense. The difference between Leino and Powe, is Leino had a cap hit for Detroit. He was actually under contract. Is there something wrong with the suggestion that trading someone with an actual cap hit would be better for their cap woes than someone who has no cap hit?
  9. No. When you're $2.5m over the cap, it is about clearing space. I would've thought that part would be pretty obvious.
  10. How is trading a player they haven't even re-signed gonna solve their problem of being $2.5m over the cap?
  11. 32 pts in 58 games is more like it.
  12. Lol, a 4-2 loss changes everything. BTW, it's game, set, match.
  13. Pavelski was great in Round 1. BUT!! Since Round 1, Pavelski has played two good games. He's been non-existent since Game 2 against Detroit. Absolutely. Non. Existent. He got an assist in game 3 and tonight's assist was his first point in 5 games. This is the worst argument yet. Seriously. I like Pierre McGuire's comment, "What can you say about Joe Thornton elevating his game when he's needed the most." At another point I also heard him say, "Thornton needs some help from his wingers." Note, that wasn't in reference to Marleau or Heatley. Seriously. Some of you really need to actually watch.
  14. Okay, I can accept that you personally have ridiculous standards. FWIW, Thornton has been their best player so that last statement is moot.
  15. Right. So Zetterberg's not a choke because he was the best player for a Cup-winner. This is an honest question, because I'm trying to understand your logic. Does this mean that every other Red Wing player was a choke in your view? Or... Is it just every player that didn't win the Cup a choke? Is Ovechkin a choker? Sure, he lead his team with 5 goals and 5 assists, and carried his team, but not to victory. His teammates were awful, but because he didn't carry his team when it mattered, he's a choker, right?