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  1. why the griffins are losing

    Listening to the games... the announcers are wondering why the griffins are losing - saying they are a fragile team! Are we just trying develop young players at the cost of losing every game? We have one of our most skilled d-men, Delmore, just seeing the last 5 seconds, (if that), of every pp! And our current pp isn't working. Kindl's stats should be out the roof with all of his pp time. Yet he remains only a point better than the rest of d-men who play reg strength. (And Kindl can't stop a puck at normal strength, see his +/-? It seems obvious, our PP is terrible. Maybe it's time to use our PP talent - Janik with Delmore and Williams... Come on! Let's use the skill we have on this team! It's frustrating watching guys who can't show results when we have the talent sitting on bench! But maybe it is more important to the Griffins to just develop young guys, who are not performing, instead of trying to win games!?