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  1. get this s*** done. GO FOR THE GILLS!!!! :siren: :siren:
  2. Not that I'm complaining but I haven't seen ol penis head on NBC lately, is he at TSN or what? It's a hell of a lot better with Darren Pang between the benches than that ****** canoe.
  3. bring back samuelson!!!!!! why hasn't anyone else put this on here yet he signed a two year contract with vancouver and is on his final year of that. Bring his ass back to play the point on the PP, and he wasn't that bad of a PKer either. We would ice basically the same lineup from the 08 season. Just no lebda.
  4. I got a few weeks before my new state job starts so I can grow it up until about may 1st then i miiiiight have to shave it depending on dress code and all that jazz. Its pretty itchy but its all in the fun of it!
  5. the only science behind it is that he's a robot.
  6. :siren: TODD BER-TUZZI!!!!!! :siren: KICK HIS ASS SEABASS!!!! LETS DO IT WINGS!
  7. PS

    yea sorry I'm new to this whole paint/photoshop war thing I just hope you liked my effort to do the "switch" thing.
  8. regretfully i can't this year because of my job, i have to be clean shavin sooooo im tryin to think of some other tradition i can do...
  9. PS
  10. :siren: s*** is goin down!!! Lets do it Wings beat the wackhawks!!! :siren:
  11. Wings fans are always up for a fight. As shameful as some of you say it is I think its pretty cool that wings fans are standing up for their team on and off the ice haha. KICK HIS ASS SEABASS!!
  12. :siren: :siren: :yowza: :yowza: :siren: :siren: :siren: ROCK ON HOWARD WAY TO DODGE THE BULLET!!!!
  13. What the f*** am I complaining about with the problems in my life. Things could always be worse and this kid proves it and he also proves to fight through it no matter what. Keep at it earl you will beat this s***.