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  1. If you understand the game of hockey then you would realize in now of days game, with its current speed, that a second can make all the difference between an illegal or legit play.
  2. Man I feel bad for Homer. Its such a s***ty feeling for us fans but I cant imagine for him.
  3. Yea his expressions are great after he takes a penalty. Funny as hell
  4. Pretty sure Ken said 2006 last night after the game.
  5. There is even a Crosby update in the Roenick rant article...
  6. Anyone else notice the hilarious Pavelksi head snap? Dude is gonna injure himself lol
  7. ^ nice goal
  8. Are the sharks really playing that good or the wings stinkin it?
  9. We have the momentum. Lets win this one! Go Wings!
  10. lolwut? Very dirty slash on Z, never saw that in the game. I find it hilarious how thorton throws a cheapshot then looks directly at a ref and starts pleading like a *****. Thorton is like that kid in 1st grade who always did dumb s***, gets kicked outta class and never learns from it. Whats even more great is hes the captain to this FAIL team.
  11. omg abs again!
  12. Thorton sucks up to the refs like a lil *****
  13. wow and of course they call THAT.