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  1. Howard the rest of the way

    I think we need to put Osgood back in there. Like someone said earlier, he's out of pratice, but only for this season. We can't expect for a miracle with him and he fix everything. I don't think Osgood has been out of practice for the last two seasons, remember in '09 we played in the final playoffs, lost the Cup by one freckin game, and then in '08 we did win. Howard is not going to get us to the playoffs the way he's been playing, and neither will the rest of the team. We are having a very OFF season this year. Howards, slipping to much and isn't fast in recovering....I know the real problem here, we've all been spoiled way too much with Hasek. There's no Goalie like him I miss Hasek. Hopefully, whatever Babcock decides to do (keep Howard, or put Osgood in) they can work together and shape back up. We still have time to win this thing. Good luck to the guys, Detroit Red Wings all the way!