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  1. putyourhandsupforDETROIT

  2. chicago-based wings fans

    This is going to be a looooong summer for us wings fans. Watching 20 cent score that goal was gross, apparently karma doesn't exist. O and the tigers lose 15-3 yesterday, and miggy strikes out with bases loaded in top of the 8th today as they go on to lose. Maybe the lions can beat the bears just once this year??
  3. WCSF Game Six

    s***cago truly is bandwagon town. I'm a tiger fan first and foremost but living here I follow the cubs so I go to a bar to catch the game and none of the 7 TV's had the cubs or sox on. Idiot fans here act like they know and have loved hockey, but in reality they went out and started buying all their blackhawk gear this year or last year after they saw everyone else was doing it. I never thought I'd say it but I can't wait for the bulls to get good so no one pays attention to hockey anymore.
  4. The Pic

    Not hockey, but this is the lions to me. The good ol' days...