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  1. crater

  2. PlayStation Network IDs

    Craterburnsyou is my ID, Playing NHL11 right now.
  3. Wings off season moves.

    If i'm not mistaken, Ritola has to come up like Kindl does or we loose him. I do however have strange new feelings about a Miller - Abdelkader - Eaves line. I likes.
  4. Who scores wings first playoff goal?

    I say Z. If not Z, Flipper.
  5. Welcome welcome welcome! I'm glad you could join us here! It was great meeting you today at the Practice in LA!

  6. LA Wings Practice - Toyota Sports Center

    Hey everyone, I went as well and took a few hundred photos. Check em out!
  7. Evan McGrath

    I don't see him playing for the Red Wings. I could see him bottom 6 forward for most other clubs if he was willing to take close to league minimum.
  8. hockey equipment

    Well, in my case my local pro-shop at the rink I play in in a league at is owned by Hockey Monkey, and I bought at hockey monkey online to get a special deal. I usually would agree that supporting local places is nice, however if you are really looking to save money sometimes you can't beat going on x online retailer, who has no way of letting you try on their products.
  9. hockey equipment

    I suggest go to a pro-shop, get fitted so you know your size, then go online(I personally use Hockey Monkey because their actual store is local so shipping is fast) and get the clearance stuff. The only things i'd say not to go super cheap on is the stick. I went cheap with a wooden Easton and quickly ended up going back and buying a nice super light warrior macdaddy. The weight makes a huge difference in your shot. There are lots of good deals on 2008 equipment. So what if it is last year's model? Is it a fashion contest? Good luck! Starting to play hockey was one of the best things I've ever done.
  10. Anyone going to the LA game?

    I'll be going. I'm fairly sure the game has been sold out for a while. Your best bet would be to grab tickets on ticketmaster's ticket exchange from someone getting rid of theirs. Might be slightly more expensive than if you would have gotten them early, but it is at least a viable option.
  11. LA Wings Practice - Toyota Sports Center

    Thanks for the info. My hopes are already way up, either way it will be great though. Bringing my Canon dslr for some nice photos of em while they're practicing at least.
  12. LA Wings Practice - Toyota Sports Center

    Going to try and take a vacation day from work. Sounds exciting, does the opportunity to shake a players hand/take a photo arise?