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  1. redwngsfan019

  2. Jerseys

    Other then going to the games. I wanted to wear mine a few times just because. But then I thought about it and I don't really see people wearing jerseys anymore. I asked a few people why and everyone pretty much gave me the same answer saying it looks tacky or w/e
  3. chicago-based wings fans

    This happens so much to me! My coworker does it, but he only talks about crosby and i think the only reason he does that is because he knows i hate crosby and the penguins. Specially other teens at my church. They all know I'm a huge hockey fan and they will talk like they know everything and will get team names wrong and will mix the teams up with wrong cities. Usually the second they start talking about hockey they are getting stuff wrong. But I am glad hockey is becoming more popular and my friends at church are slowly becoming more knowledgeable, specifically about the caps sense thats like the home team here. One kid mentioned some facts about a player and they were all correct. I was speechless
  4. GDT Stanley Cup Finals - Game 6

    Seeing toews pass the cup to hossa made me throw up a little in my mouth
  5. Hossa Interview

  6. Who was your first?

    Haven't met anyone yet =(. A few of my friends have met ovechkin and got pictures with him and all. I'm hoping to go to one of their practices and meet him.
  7. Yzerman Jersey

    I'll even wear my yzerman jersey when they come here to washington =p. Even tho I haven't been able to go to any yet because they get sold out soooo fast. My brother and cousin have been to 2 =(. But I'm determined to get tickets to a game when they come back. and when they do you better believe I'll be wearing my yzerman jersey and red wings hat with pride
  8. I just re-met Nicklas Lidstrom tonight....

    That sounds awesome! I'm truly jealous. My life goal is to meet some red wing players =p (specifically Yzerman, lidstrom, Z and dats). but living in VA makes that almost impossible. I bet a lot of players wouldn't have turned around and talked and signed a bunch of stuff on their own. Lidstrom ftw.
  9. Building a winning franchise

    Ovechkin - Datsyuk - Zetterberg Lidstrom - Green Miller
  10. Is Tampa Bay your second favorite team now?

    They can be my third. First is of course red wings. Second is caps because they are so close to me its kind of hard not to be one. then the lightning
  11. Who do you cheer for now?

    I want flyers to take it. Screw hossa. I would love to laugh at how he goes to the stanley cup finals 3 years in a row and doesn't win
  12. qft the 2010-2011 season will be very different
  13. Steve Yzerman named TB's new GM

    Guess ill have to start cheering for the bolts to win. unless they play red wings or caps
  14. This years playoffs

    lol idk why i put 3-1
  15. WC in Pitt. pretty much a done deal for 2011

    I would love to see caps in the WC because they are my 2nd team but pens dont deserve to be in another WC