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  1. Legwand helped us get into the playoffs. He was invisible though in the playoffs. So I don't know maybe yes???
  2. The Bruins shut him down. The Bruins shut down all the kids tbh.
  3. gdt

    quite the disappointment heading into the olympic break. but it is what it is. lot's of work to do when we start up again. we control our own destiny.
  4. Really like our current line combos. For once.
  5. Goose is so hot right now water cannot cool him. Kid has it.
  6. bummer about Stamkos but well deserved replacement.
  7. gdt

    don't know what to expect. missing this game due to work but following aka twitter style. LET'S GO WINGS!!!
  8. some excellent line names throughout the thread. rise n grind line
  9. Pass on Vanek
  10. GDT

    i don't know what to expect anymore. regardless LET'S GO WINGS!!!
  11. Better rephrase that. Yes I'm finding the reffs are ruining the game or deciding games anyway. Some games you just gotta put the whistle away and let them play.
  12. gdt

    embarrassing affair tonight. why couldn't Tim Thomas let in 6 against us the other night instead of tonight. ugh
  13. gdt

  14. gdt

    getting owned this period