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  1. Aren't they supposed to have a Farewell to the Joe patch on the jerseys?
  2. Typically, only a handful of tickets will be released on these pre-sales. I'm sure that if you check again on Monday morning when they go on sale for everyone, there will be a large number of tickets available for all games. Well, except for the final game on April 9th.
  3. The thought is is that the mother planted the evidence bag between her front doors. The girl had her belongings returned to her in the bag & for some reason, the mother held onto the bag.
  4. It's likely the evidence bag that held the accuser's personal belongings (cell phone, clothes, etc). The girl likely had items returned to her after they were processed & deemed not necessary in the investigation. That would probably explain why the bag had the examining nurse's name on it.
  5. Does this mean that they will be building a statue of him for the new arena? Or, are they going to name the new arena after him?
  6. The article from Crain's Detroit Business states that the new arena will seat about 20,000. http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20140720/NEWS03/140719845/detroit-rink-city-ilitches-grand-plan-to-supersize-the#
  7. I had heard as well that the arena was going to seat about 18,000, but the article states that it's going to be more than 20,000. I wonder who is correct.
  8. According to Ticketmaster, there are still some tickets available through the box office. They are the seats showing in blue on the map. Just zoom in on the upper bowl sections (the red seats are secondary market). http://www.ticketmaster.com/detroit-red-wings-vs-colorado-avalanche-detroit-michigan-03-06-2014/event/08004AFFD5C4897B?artistid=805938&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=9&tm_link=artist_msg-1_08004AFFD5C4897B
  9. Yes, that's correct. I bought my tickets to the WC back in October when Ticketmaster released additional ones. I figured I might get the commemorative ones because there was no print at home option & they were being sent around the same time (early December) as all the other ones. Had I purchased them through one of the Wings sales with the special password, I would have got commemorative tickets. I guess that's what I get for being indecisive!! I probably should have kept my order from last year. I'll just have to check eBay after the first of the year to get one from someone. I did purchase my Alumni game tickets from the Wings sale & got the commemorative tickets. No, the tickets are only good for one of the days of the GLI. I remember when I purchased the WC tickets through the sale last year (for the game that wasn't played), you had to select one of the days of the GLI. They were never supposed to be good for both days.
  10. I wouldn't doubt it concerning some lots around there charging $50.00 to park there. Pioneer High School charges that for autos for U of M Football games. If you're going to the game, there are plenty of areas where one can park on the street for no charge. When I have gone to U of M football games I usually park in one of the neighborhoods off of W Stadium Blvd, west of Michigan Stadium. Ticketmaster did not have a "print at home" option for the tickets that went on sale in October. I just received mine today from UPS & they are just the regular boring Ticketmaster hard tickets, not the fancy ones that were sold during the team's pre-sales (like drumnj's tickets).
  11. No, unless they sold out of everything they had, they likely will have more at 10am tomorrow. But you should be on there first thing to try to get some. For example (and I know this is different), the last time they played the Leafs at home, I didn't find out about the pre-sale until late that night & that game was already showing as sold out. However, when I checked the next morning at the start of the public sale I was able to get tickets to the game.
  12. Correct, the block they put out for this morning went quickly. They might have more that they held back for tomorrow.
  13. There is a pre-sale that started today at 10am and it goes to 10pm.
  14. The code is a one-time use code that is good for up to four tickets. You would also have to purchase tickets to one of the sessions of the GLI. If you had signed up through the Red Wings or Maple Leafs for ticket updates, then they should have sent you an e-mail with your account number & purchase window. You don't have to be an STH in order to get this, I believe they had their purchase opportunity earlier. The nice thing about the tickets this time is that they opened pretty much all of the sections at Michigan Stadium for purchase. Last year, people that had these codes could only get seats in the end-zones, nothing along the sides, or up in the club seats.
  15. Stubhub will automatically refund you your money + fees that you paid out. You do not have to do anything. I believe in this case, Stubhub did not actually process your money to the seller's account due to the uncertainty of the event. They took your payment, but held it basically. So, there should be no issue of refunding you your money & taking money back from the seller, especially if he wants to hold onto the tickets for the next season.