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  1. Team USA player shirts

    I like Sturm and my Dads side of the family if from Germany so i was interested if they had his shirt but hell they didn't have any numbered shirts.... Just Canada and the US have numbered shirts so i picked up a Miller one also.
  2. MLB 2010 Season Thread

    Hi The T-Mac deal is absolutely fantastic for New York. They're really shedding money for next year. Of course, if they don't get anyone (which is what I'm rooting for lol), then it'll just be a worthless trade. And I also like how Houston gets Martin, that's good for their playoff run. I'm liking your teams trade, Thomas is cráp, and I can see Law being a good shooter in a couple of years. Plus it doesn't really eat up their money so they can still make a move this summer. The winner was clearly Minnesota today. Darko Milicic is totally going to save that franchise. Next KG right there