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  1. Oh How I Hate the Capitals

    I agree.
  2. (Another) Interesting article about teams relocating

    Can we move Chicago to the EC?
  3. Is Datsyuk a lock for the Selke?

    I'd say you're trolling again.
  4. Red Wings GM Ken Holland hasn't given up on wandering Jiri Hudler

    I agree with this...if he wanted to play for us so badly he would have skipped arbitration, signed a smaller contract and stayed here. It sounds like he was out for the money.
  5. What's up with Cleary?

    Part of it is with the move that was suggested is I don't think Babcock wants to break up the Draper-Helm-Eaves line.
  6. Ovie Suspended

    With his contract, I doubt they're going to find anyone stupid enough to take him anyway.
  7. What's up with Cleary?

    Eh, probably. I'd say that both he and Franzen are the big bodies that would replace Homer when he retires.
  8. Red Wings Archived Games Index

    I the fact that I wanted to smack Jiri Hudler after both games.
  9. Lebda leaving Detroit?

    Detroit Free Press has been writing about this for quite a while now. His contract expires this season and it's almost assured he won't be back. ESPN's "insider" isn't always so cutting edge, and I'd say this is a pretty good example of them being a step behind.
  10. Don't expect much from the Wings during Trade Deadline

    Although not quite a deadline acquisition, Holland said the same thing a couple years ago and then went out and got Stuart.
  11. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    I've been here 30 minutes and I already know you're a troll.
  12. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    He's a whiny little baby. Why should we respect him? He looks like a goober!