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  1. Erack82

    Joakim Andersson Signed by Griffins

    Looks like the kid picked up an assist in his first AHL game. Does anyone have a word on how he played in his debut?
  2. Erack82

    2/8 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Penguins 0

    McGuire can keep his "passion" off the air. I don't understand how the NHL expects to gain a new fan base in the US when he keeps yapping about his bias Canadian views, consistently makes immature comments towards Milbury and asks the most idiotic questions. It's guys like him that make me appreciate Eddie and Doc.
  3. Erack82

    Dan Boyle Traded To San Jose

    The prospect is Ty Wishart, hes sort of in the mold of a Braydon Coburn and immediately becomes one of their top 3 prospects in the organization (which isn't saying much if you think about it).
  4. Erack82

    Marian Hossa a Red Wing, 1yr, $7.45m

    I'm not about to read 23 pages on the Hossa signing, but what I am really wondering is what number he takes and does Maltby keep #18?
  5. Erack82

    Tampa Bay - Detroit Eklund rumor

    FYI kids: Any proposal with the name Paul Ranger in it can start off with a big fat no.
  6. Erack82

    10/6 GDT: Blackhawks 4, Wings 3 (SO)

    If you could only say that Hasek made that save... if only. At least for one night, Blackhawkdown has your number. On this unusually warm day in Chicago Kane was clutch tonight, and clutch is everything right? Kudos to the kid stepping up. Though tonight may sting as a Red Wings fan, Kane's performance tonight is a good thing for hockey looking at the bigger picture.
  7. Erack82

    Boogaard vs Koci from October 4th

    One thing I will say about David Koci is that this guy has improved tremondously from last year, especially his skating. While he may never be a swift or even above average skater, I really have to commend a guy who works hard in the off season to really position himself to be a full time NHL player and prove he can do more than just fight every other shift. Now he has turned into someone who can put in solid 4th line minutes and contribute in more ways than one when needed.
  8. Erack82


    Are you kidding? The new Tampa Bay Lightning logo is far superior than the Toledo Storm logo. Besides the obvious similarities of having a lightning bolt being the main identifying factor for each team, what else are you basing the aesthetics on? At least the Lightning's logo was able to keep a similar look to the original while keeping their tradition. In contrast the Storm have a child like rendering of a hockey stick along with an obscure typeface above an extremely flat non dynamic/interesting lightning bolt which is supposed to represent a "storm". At least the contrast between the black, white, and dark blue create a more interesting composition than the flat muddled baby blue counterpart. While the new Lightning logo may not knock your socks off, the overall execution is solid especially when taking previous attempts into consideration such as the monstrosities like the Dallas Taurus, and Boston's Winnie the Pooh.
  9. Erack82


    Well opinions seems to be completely a hit or miss based on what I have read from Lightning fans. Personally I think the new jerseys are very modern, simplistic, and sharp looking (minus the numbers being placed in the front much like the Islanders...). I am wondering how the socks play into the new design? It could be exciting to see the socks design have a similar effect to what was worn in the World Juniors with the color differentiation having a vertical rather than horizontal orientation, but with a slight tapered effect playing off the repeating jagged elements from the revised logo.
  10. Erack82

    Grand Rapids and the USHL

    I would have to imagine that part of the reason Grand Rapids was so appealing was partly that the Ottawa Senators built the Griffins from nothing. You could ask the question as to why would you want to start from scratch when the city and team had a solid foundation to make the transition so much easier. It makes sense in theory and through execution (as proven thus far). I was figuring that it would only be a matter of time before the Wings scooped them up to make them their primary affiliate. Anyways do you care to answer any of my questions from the original post
  11. Erack82

    Grand Rapids and the USHL

    Columbus and Indianapolis both already have a USHL team and Cleveland has the Barons of the NAHL. Milwaukee would be an interesting investigation though even if they already have the Admirals (AHL). UW is still a healthy 2+ hours away as is Green Bay. I would actually trace the start of the downfall for the Vipers organization when they became affiliated with the Tampa Bay Lightning coupled with the fact the whole league was beginning a downward spiral as well. When a team goes from 50+ wins to 50+ losses in one season, there aren't going to be many people showing up in the stands. I have a feeling that if they Vipers were to somehow stay a powerhouse as they once were, they might still be around. There were several IHL teams that transfered over who had moderate success ie: the Chicago Wolves. Forgot about FSU. Thanks.
  12. Erack82

    Grand Rapids and the USHL

    To those who have added nothing to this thread, it's called getting paid to do market research. Thanks.
  13. Erack82

    Grand Rapids and the USHL

    First and foremost this thread isn't stating that there will be a USHL team coming to West Michigan, however I am working on a project analyzing the possibility of having Grand Rapids (the second largest city in the state of Michigan) having a team. This posting is a little long, but I hope you do read it all and provide some much needed feedback. Please note that I don't ever spam the boards... ever. Much thanks for those who respond in advance! Here is a basic analysis to get the ball rolling (or puck moving if you will). Team Name Grand Rapids Grizzlies (derived from the old CnHL team in the 80s) League USHL Population 200,000 775,000 (metro area) Attendance Audit for Grand Rapids Sports Teams Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL) 6,900 Grand Rapids Rampage (Arena Football) 6,500 West Michigan Whitecaps (Baseball) 5,600 Attendance Audit for Grand Rapids Regional Hockey Teams (Non-Metro Detroit) Muskegon Fury (IHL) 3,000 Kalamazoo K-Wings (IHL) 3,300 Western Michigan Broncos (CCHA) 2,900 Michigan State Spartans (CCHA) 6,600 Marquette Rangers (NAHL) 950 Traverse City North Stars (NAHL) 800 Alpena IceDiggers (NAHL) 800 USHL Population & Attendance Audit with comparable cities with a AHL, NCAA, or USHL team Omaha, Nebraska 400,000 825,000 (metro area) ---------- Mavericks 4,300 (CCHA) Knights 3,500 (AHL) Lancers 3,000 (USHL) Des Moines, Iowa 200,000 535,000 (metro area) ---------- Stars 4,800 (AHL) Buccaneers 3,100 (USHL) Green Bay, Wisconsin 100,000 230,000 (metro area) ---------- Gamblers 3,400 (USHL) Background: The USHL has established its self as the #1 Junior Hockey league in the United States, mainly proven through the increase of college commitments and NHL draft picks from the league during the past few seasons. As we all know, Michigan is a hotbed for hockey and already has several junior programs throughout the state, however Grand Rapids could still be a premiere venue for the league giving players the exposire of a midsized city to develop on and off the ice by creating a positive experience through the cities various cultural and recreational offerings. With numerous CCHA programs in the state alone, my contention is that a USHL team based here could prove to be very successful with recruiting and exposure. This is all very brief (or not) so time to tell me what you think? Questions: What price range would be adequate to attend a game? How many games would you attend? If Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio can host USHL teams, why can't Michigan? Do you see Grand Rapids being a viable candidate for having a USHL team based here? Based on the statistics above, what attendance would you predict the team to have? Would you prefer the team play out of Van Andel arena? Other? New midsized arena? How many junior level games do you typically attend a year (NAHL/USHL)? What other general comments/thoughts do you have? Thanks!
  14. Erack82

    Which former Wing would you choose?

    I hate what happened to Jiri Fischer, but this is an easy choice: #3