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  1. Stockholm

  2. Due to it's simplicity, soccer is the best game. Every nation can participate. And a beautiful sport. I just visited Barcelona and of course watched some soccer. about 98 000 in the arena, who else have experienced something like that? It's amazing! FC Barcelona now facing arsenal in the CL semi-finals! that's somethin to look forward to!
  3. Favorite Red Wings swede

    Swede as I am, I must ask this questione, who is your TWO favorite swedes playing for the wings? (two because I guess, and hope, that Lidström will win this quite easily. We have a few to pick from: Lilja Franzen Zetterberg Lidström Holmström Ericsson Kronwall (Ritola) My #1 pick is always Lidström, at second place I up till recently would have picked Zetterberg, but lately(?), I'll have to go with Johan Franzen
  4. 15 of the next 19

    Can't stare to blindly at at the 96pts point. Over the line now, means they just have to match the score of the other teams. Wins against the Flames and Blues and it will work out just fine.
  5. KHL hopes to add Kovalchuk

    Well, those russians have a LOT of money to offer. Private investors over there will pretty much do anything to aquire all of the homelands sons. Add to it that many russians seems to want to play in the KHL. But I sure do hope that a player like Ilja stays in NHL. Vad tycker du om AIKs, även såhär i efterhand, KHL ambitioner? Verkar lite väl ambitiöst, kan man inte kvala in i elitserien är det ett sjudundra långsiktigt satsning med ett försök på KHL. Finns väll pengar att hämta, men man toklängtar ju efter Stockholmsdebyn igen, var inte igår.
  6. 3/5 GDT: Red Wings 5, Predators 2

    Helm is becoming one of mt favorite players. Works hard and what speed! You gotta love his SHG, the play is not over until the whistle blows. Miss the first shot? Just skate some more, regain the puck and voila!
  7. From Sweden

    Hey I'm a hockey fan from Stockholm, Sweden. One of my biggest dreams is to come to Detroit, catch a Red Wings game, enjoy the victory and go out for a cold one. I watch all of the Red Wings games through nhl live online, even though they start at 1 to 4 in the mornings over here. I, a poor student, will make this trip someday, but til then: I've always wondered; as the proudest of Red Wings fans are, what are your image of swedes and would you greet a swede with open arms into your town, bar and/or at the Joe Louis Arena, assuming he's not a ****** of course? Regards, Johan May Lidström live forever, whose defensive mistakes can be listed on a stamp and still leaving space to write down an average novel