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  1. GDT

    I havent been paying attention this offseason/pre-season.
  2. GDT

    Where is Nqyuist?
  3. GDT

    wwhy slapshot it out just the ******* puck out,
  4. GDT

    you can just see the skill tatar has, hes going to be good.
  5. Close call but id go with Schneider
  6. Anyone back in the lineup tonight??
  7. I hate Burrows have to vote him.
  8. I've had the pleasure to go to school with Rinaldo, and let me tell you he's a ****** bag. Not surprized by this at all.
  9. Bring them to wings fans.
  10. Sergei Fedorov
  11. 2 games in...
  12. All i have to say to this is.. wtf lmao.
  13. Time will tell.. But in all honesty think this will help him alot.
  14. You shouldn't judge players by how many stats they have...
  15. Why isn't Kenny making a push for guys like these? I mean im not against what he is doing but i think it would be awesome to see another talent come in via trade, and perhaps we will see one. :S