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  1. This. and if we lose Helm and/or Abby due to Signing a 40 year old guy, I will cry.
  2. HelmerFan

    Getflaf for Zetter

    No With out Hanks beard in the playoffs the team would crumble, plus I hate Ryan Getzlaf's face. The dude's face makes me want to slap it.
  3. HelmerFan

    Free Agency Thread

    NO! NO NO NO! Please No. we do not need any more over the hill, declining in skill players..
  4. HelmerFan

    Versteeg a Leaf

    Maybe bandwagon Wings fans do. Don't pretend that you're not one of the s***cago fans chanting "Detroit Sucks". and what straws are we grasping at? We've won the cup took us a 42 year drought but look what we did with our team after we did. Come talk to me in 20 years and we will see who's grasping at straws.
  5. HelmerFan

    Det possibly interested in Nabby?

    The prize of the UFA market is Evgeni Nabokov. One left-field destination could be Detroit, according to an NHL source, with Tampa Bay also in the mix. The Sharks could be in pursuit of Marty Turco, the other prominent UFA goalie. Relax, the writer said "left field".
  6. HelmerFan

    It's Official: Happy Hudler is Back

    I see it as completely fair to rip him to shreds after saying that his lines with Z and Pav ignore real life and it would never happen, one month later it does. But hey everyone here is the best coach /GM/ talent scout / genius of hockey plays / line combination expert of all time forever and ever so it's cool. ( this includes myself ) `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` But hey I'm one of the insane crazy one's who thinks Huds is at bare minimum equal to Filp, ya know because he has 2 less NHL reg season points then Filp in 35 less games, and 14 less playoff points then filp with 24 less games . Huds is so underrated on this board. Dats and Z both got 70 points last season, granted a bad season for both yet what point total does babs expect from huds? 70. he's top 6. Welcome back Huds, dont mind the haters.
  7. HelmerFan

    2010 NHL Draft Thread

    Why draft this kid? HMM, he's big ( by red wings standers ) and plays center... well if he works out to be good defensively he could be the 3 or 4th line center, if he turns out to be more offensively talented then expected, throw him on a wing to be the big body net presence. Homer and Bert are not getting younger or better with time. so why not Draft a big forward in hope they can replace Homer or Bert when they retire. That is just my logic, I'm by far not an elite hockey drafter.
  8. HelmerFan

    Cap to $59.64 million?

    LOL! Thats what will happen too!
  9. HelmerFan

    Do Wings fans want another Yzerman?

    I see the point you're making, ( if obtaining another Yzerman = Losing seasons you dont want one ) Here is my thought. I'm greedy, I want to win AND have another Yzerman. We are going to need one when Lids is gone. When you lose (arguably) the best D-Man of all time or at least ever to wear a wings jersey , it leaves a big gap. 2 ways to approach filling this gap would be to spend his 6.2 mil ( If that is what he retires making ) on 2, 3 mill dollar players or to load up that 6 mill on one "Yzerman" like franchise player. I'd rather see 1 franchise guy as apposed to 2 more filps. just my 2 cents. Edit: This post revolves around trade and Free Agents, not draft picks.
  10. HelmerFan

    Good news for the Euro haters

    I dont care if I joined yesterday and you joined before the birth of Christ, I was simply stating that no difference exists between "North American" grit and "Euro" grit, and that by implying we need more "North American" grit you were basically showing the same "racial tendencies" you had just called someone else out on. John Kerry, funny. No but if you had enough intelligence to comprehend what i was trying to reflect to you, you may have understood the difference of said two statements. Typical to combat ignorance with sarcasm, an out dated political reference at that. Please have your own opinion, I agree that we should have constructive debate. Thats why the internet is great, because we can have open discussion. But your response to the OP "in my opinion" was basically an exaggeration over what he/she posted. I also like how you use the phrase "we are haters" ..... 2 sentences later question then slander me over explaining that a difference exists between the two phrases. Typical troll behavior, not that you are one. Edit: for spelling
  11. HelmerFan

    Good news for the Euro haters

    Your first line states that you'd like North American players in itself reflecting a racial tendency on your part. Also most people know a difference exists between the statements "You hate Europeans" and " You're a euro hater" when put into the context that it was. If you cannot distinguish a statement based on its setting perhaps an internet forum is not the right place for you. Then again maybe I should not troll a troll. On Topic OP, that was an interesting read, thanks for sharing.
  12. HelmerFan

    Wings sign Ilari Filppula 1yr/$500k

    Some of the bickering over this topic is flat out dumb. "ZOMG he has potential" ..."nutuh he's 28 you can never have potential after the age of 3"...... "ZOMG yes you can" ...."nutuh no you cant" . People, we signed a guy with basic offensive talent for DIRT cheap, whats the problem. If he does well AWESOME, if not what are we losing? I for one hope he makes the squad and puts up 40 points. It may or may not happen, but if it does why complain?
  13. HelmerFan

    Wings sign Ilari Filppula 1yr/$500k

    I think this is an amazing signing. If Ilari plays hard in camp and actually makes the big boy squad, it could push Valtteri to have the "break out year" some of us have been expecting. Having 6 brothers myself i know the great impact sibling rivalry can have. Plus he (Ilari) won't have the the attitude Leino had, so all around I like this signing. Great depth signing, and thats what the wings need at this time... depth.
  14. HelmerFan

    The Next Wave

    I'm not trying to sound rude, but think about it. Dats has a good enough grasp of the language at this point to relay hockey information, and if he cant say it he could physically teach it. I feel that Dats already has shown that he shares wisdom with the youth, IMHO Huds is a prime example. Huds was really starting to hold the puck like datsyuk before he left. Another Key factor here is the desire to learn. If the young guns want to be taught they will listen AND watch. A lot can be learned through watching a specific player or play during pratice and live games.
  15. HelmerFan

    Salary Cap rewards for cup finalists

    I like this Idea, Said player should also have to wear the C.