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  1. Franzen having trouble processing information

    Thank you for saying what needed to be said. I'm sorry to hear about your ailments. I hope you get better. Sincerely.
  2. Announcer Ozzie

    But Johan Franzen is, and I thought the discussion was about how to pronounce his name, not Osgoods. Maybe I misunderstood.
  3. Announcer Ozzie

    That's him accomodating the non-swedish speakers. That's definitely not how his name is actually pronounced.
  4. 9/17 Pre-Season GDT : Red Wings 0 at Blackhawks 2

    You'd better hope you never have to hear Swedish people talking about him then.
  5. Where would you go?

    Probably, since I'm in Sweden.
  6. Where would you go?

    So Z kind of went to Sweden? Like a US citizen moving to Mexico is kind of staying at home?
  7. Zetterberg to play in Switzerland

    He only wanted to play for Timrå in Sweden, and they couldn't afford his insurance.
  8. Any NHL'ers from your home town?

    Carnbäck Loui Eriksson Calle Johansson Alfredsson But since I moved, yeah, a few... http://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/city/nhl-players-career-stats.php?city_id=4980
  9. And / or they really want to play hockey close to their real home, where their family and longtime friends are?
  10. Why would he? When he was left off the roster for the Swedish national team he said “I pretty much have one comment and maybe I’ll regret it. But they can go f*** themselves.” Refreshing.
  11. Funny Homer article

    The term Dog yard is truly Swenglish. That's a swedish expression that he just translated.
  12. Pierre......really?

    Yup. And the vowels in Franzén is pronounced in exactly the same way as the ones in Brashear. Thanks to whoever it was that mentioned it to me a while back.
  13. Report: Pre-season Fighting Lowest in More Than a Decade

    Man, I never realized there were that many neuro-surgeons and psychologists in here. That's absolutely amazing! Opinions and assholes, and the other way around. Are you really filled with that much belief in yourselves, that you think your uneducated guess bears any weight? Really? Not one of us knows what caused what effect, or if the effect is the cause, so maybe we should stop with the wild guessing-games? Sometime we might have a clear-cut answer as to what led to these untimely deaths, but it sure as hell won't spring from a thread on a message board. Really, you and I know nothing of what the cause is. So what's the argument? It's all guesses, from people with little to no insight. It's dumb. None of us KNOW s*** about it. Leave it to those who actually know what to look for, and know how to interpret the facts. You know, doctors, professors, etc. You know, the people with all of the tools none of us have... You know, EXPERTS. With Machines and s***! Sweet Jesus on his Tyranosaurus. You know nothing. As do I. Calm down. At least stop arguing a point for which you have NO proof.
  14. Matt Cooke already!

    I heard he stampedes the elderly and punts kittens. Might just be a rumor though.
  15. This is why Commodore was the best signing ever...

    I Love A2Y. My god, you seem to take their s*** seriously. Really? Really? It's just humor. I'm not saying you don't get it (but you don't), I'm just saying it might not be your cup of tea. If people don't like Red Wings fans because of that blog....well, then they're ******* dumb. Point blank. Period. A2Y is by, and for over the top, unabashed, unapologetic homers, and they will always admit it. They don't pretend to be the voice of Red Wings fans across the globe, or the voice of reason. It's all in good fun. They're ******* around. Obviously. OBVIOUSLY. Calm down or you'll never get your panties unbunched. Take it for what it is.