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  1. Just ask the penguins how easy it is to have quality depth when you pay two players max contracts. There is a reason why the penguins have failed repeatedly. The hawks are better off than the penguins because they actually seem to draft properly, but it will be difficult to find quality 3rd and 4th liners that aren't literal plugs. But on the other hand you cannot let Toews and Kane walk ever if you are the Blackhawks.
  2. I think that Johansen is being the exact opposite. He has come out and said he wants to be a blue jacket and wants to be with them for a long time. Columbus is trying to do a Bridge deal because they can pay less for a few years. But that is a gamble in itself because you could be like Montreal and sign a bridge deal and then go see that person win a Norris Trophy, woops!
  3. My bad, thought he was referring to the person the thread was about.
  4. He's pulling stuff out of his ass, Boyle is 37 yrs old which means that his guess of what he would be looking for would give him a contract to 44. Absolutely 0 chance he gets that and also 0 chance he see's 5.5 to 6 from anyone else either. Boyle if he could be gotten on the cheap would be a good signing I think.
  5. The puck was knocked in well after the whistle and play Stopped. No shenanigans tonight.
  6. 1 Goal Game!!
  7. Predsfan, Don't take everyones comments to heart. i enjoy seeing your input from another fan base and you contribute accurately and respectfully, its good seeing other points of view. the only other option on this board is 100% negativity in an irrational way.
  8. I was scouring the internet and came across this commercial. There is the legit one and the banned one. It's Jimmy for sure, but I cannot tell if that is Gus next to him, anyone? Original: Banned:
  9. I think the cumulative aspect that might be considered is that if you have an undiagnosed concussion and get another hit while that is happening the symptoms and effects can get worse. theoretically it should be a single trauma, but with athletes you know that might not always be the case.
  10. Puck Daddy had a whole series of these with writers from each team doing them. jagr ended up on 3 mt rushmores and a big joke about 'no jagr?' came up and was pretty funny. i agree with almost all the original ones posted here though.
  11. Puck daddy interview, its quite good! http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/pavel-datsyuk-red-wings-future-winter-classic-making-150122526.html
  12. Yea Capgeek has it at 250K, which is almost negligible in the long term. When he retires they won't have to pay him anything so for a team that was not financially well off, this is probably best... but holy crap they are gonna suck. If people didn't watch the devils at all they wouldn't realize how much kovalchuk actually does and how valuable he actually is. Hard to really contemplate this in its totality at the moment.
  13. I would venture to guess abby has an incredibly low % chance, while tatar has far less competition at the end of the Slovak roster. The world championships rarely if ever include the best players from their respective countries and most won't be included in the olympic team, slovakia's team just isn't nearly as deep as USA so tatar has a better chance.
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    Awesome deal!!!