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  1. This season was able to go to Nashville to watch the game 3-10-2012..Had a blast, Even though Detroit lost...Last time we saw them play live was at the old MCI Center in Washington D.C. That game ended in a 1-1 tie. that was how long ago it ..Being a Virginia native and Redwing fan.. You have to do some driving to see youre team . Am looking forward to seeing what they will do, in offseason to get better. Like you Ive been reading these forums for some time without posting. now look at me .. Heres hoping for some good moves, and Lets do it again in Oct.
  2. How about starting with the very first drop of the puck....That might help too!
  3. Speaking the truth!...Lets get in the game redwings!
  4. I cant stop laughing...Im right there with you
  5. Am traveling 7 hours to the game tomorrow.. I sure hope they can get it going Be a LONG RIDE HOME!, if they cant.. ...