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  1. Again, does anyone have a stream that is not Justin or Streamtorrent?
  2. Any streams that are not Justin TV or Streamtorrent?
  3. Any streams?
  4. Olimb didn't even drop his gloves the second time... You can't just cross check a guy and fight him when he doesn't want to fight! And it seems like Bowman doesn't care about Olimb injury at all. It sucks.. People say he was one of the best players on camp.
  5. What a ******* moron Beach is, for fighting a disciplined player who has never been in a fight before. No wonder he fell awkwardly and hurt him self in the second fight... He didn't even want to fight! And I can't believe Bowman is backing him (Beach) up.
  6. Watching this San Jose-fan on youtube, who sais that Sharks and Thorton did such a greeaat job... They had 20 minutes of powerplay and thorton scored on a freaking rebound, for gods sake.
  7. Seriously guys, we had 20 minutes of penalties... that's a god damn period... f*** this... f*** those refs for ruining everything. This is going to be hard!!
  8. Wow.. Sharks got a penalty... Let's go!!!
  9. OMG! It feels so ******* s*** to lose by ONLY one goal when sharks get all that help from the refs! I think this game would have been ours if the refs wouldn't suck!
  10. Great win! Game 6 will be huge!
  11. I absolutely agree with what you're saying. He hasn't had any match training, so he won't be an option.
  12. I saw an interview on norwegian television a couple days ago, where he said that he thought it was OK to play in AHL. He understood that he would have to fight for a position in NHL. I hope Detroit will sign Zuccarello Awesome!