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  1. So in the next few year(s) we won't have Nick, and when Rafalski's contract is up who knows if he will b resigned, anyone know realisticly which defensemen are going to be free agents that the wings have a chance with, because if Nick retires or maybe even takes another paycut, or Raf doesn't resign, thats just alot of money to spend on defense not mention if we can coax a top end player into taking a little discount like most do
  2. List player/reason I think Filppula's brother will be the first player called up, reason being is the wings brought him on a one year contract, so chances are after this year hes gone back to europe so the wings will prob want to see what he has and what hes capable of, I doubt they signed him so he could sit in GR all year long
  3. well if chicago can't afford seabrook next year, and lid retires, whats the possibility the wings offer him a contract? hmm
  4. so does this mean that bassilie (w/e his name is) could buy a team and move it if he wishes?
  5. http://blog.mlive.com/snapshots/2010/05/spartak_moscow_courting_former.html so much for retiring ever
  6. is there a fox sports stream?
  7. I think your being a little niave, I believe lids is tied for points as defensemen in these playoffs so far and is leading the goals category too I believe (if not top 3), he still is one of the top defensemen in the league and I think 6 million would be reasonable considering that gives us some breathing room.. 4.5-5 would be a insult
  8. jimmy is frickin solid right now
  9. no vs didn't replay the penalty im kind of pissed, it took them til the end of the penalty to say it was jimmy not bertuzzi
  10. saw that coming how many turnovers did the pens have in a row there lol
  11. lidstrom wouldn't do that, I think its pretty much a sure thing he resigns for the full year
  12. no way lid signs for 4.5, at least 5.5 if not 6
  13. he did hit but why no call on frazen this is just complete bulls*** he did hit but why no call on frazen this is just complete bulls***
  14. okay now thats complete bulls***
  15. the stick hit frazens face? and bleeding? confused