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  1. WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    I'm a referee so I know how hard it is, and have never blamed the refs solely for a loss, but this sharks win was solely because of bad calls, especially the bertuzzi calls, the second one led to a 5 on 3 which ruined us. This really turns me off the NHL. The officiating is getting worse, probably because players are diving more and more, and its hard for the refs to decipher a dive from a non dive. Just an embarassment to the nhl this game.
  2. Fans more paranoid than ours

    At first I thought it was a good goal, but looking at the replay a few times, I can understand why the called it back. While Sedin was stopping, I believe he had a good idea where the puck was, and you can see him push his skate out more than needed to just stop. So I do think there was some amount of a kicking motion. Call could have gone either way in my opinion.
  3. WCQF Game 3 GDT: Coyotes 4 at Red Wings 2

    Lets GO WINGS! lineup has eaves twice, missing cleary
  4. Worst Hockey Preview Ever?

    I feel more stupid after reading that. I guess anyone can have a website that a large number of people read. Go Wings
  5. Who scores wings first playoff goal?

    Franzen obviously, doesn't he score all our playoff goals?
  6. 3/31 GDT - Important Games

    haha, you really dont like the flames. I'm rooting for ducks though tonight. Also, I dont think flames are gonna catch us and I wouldn't mind seeing the fight for the 8th spot between the avs and flames go to the last game, so it wouldn't bother me if flames won.
  7. Top 10 Red Wings

    ahhh, great thread. I started to think about it but I can't rank these guys I've been cheering so much for in all these years, they're all my heroes.
  8. 3/30 GDT: Oilers 4 at Red Wings 5

    finnish wing- if we passed chicago and vancouver slows down, we would get 2nd since phoenix has to stay in 4th because they are in the same division as san jose. Division winners get the top 3 spots. Some people have been complaining about bert, I think he saved our bacon in december and lately is playing well. Recently I think he's picked up his speed and is going to the net more. Yes, he gives it up more than I'd like but I think he brings an intangible physical dimension this team needs. I would not be opposed to bringing Helm up to the 3rd line and dropping Williams to the 4th.
  9. 3/29 GDT - NSH @ FLA & LA @ MIN

    woohoo, LA loses. too bad nashville won, oh well 1/2 ain't bad.
  10. Ideal Playoff Matchups

    I too think the top 4 are close, and all strong, but I just feel Phoenix would be our best matchup. We lost to them this season but we somewhat dominated that game with injuries and they got 2 late ones to tie it up. Also, I know we've had trouble in the past with teams under the radar in the first round but that was with what i think was a very different team (pre 2007). I'm stoked for jimmy howard, and i think our goaltending and team defence is better this year than last (even though our offence may be not as good). Also, I don't really get the argument about bad travel. Unfortunately we are an Eastern time zone team playing in the Western conference, pretty much all teams we play against are gonna require considerable travel. Also, both teams have to travel. I dont know, just seems like a poor excuse to me. Oh, I also think Nashville will upset whoever they play in the first round, getting good goaltending, with great D (Weber, Suter, Hamhuis). Not too high on the avs or kings.