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  1. tinistien

  2. It should be illegal to work in the morning when a hockey game is on the night before.

  3. Im pretty much over these late games. Cant wait to be in the east next year.

  4. Rewatching last nights game is like watching your favorite movie. Just as exciting as the first time you saw it.

  5. Yeah!!!! Thank you hockey gods!!!!

  6. Screw getzlaf. You cheating butt head.

  7. Hmm are the ducks having the best diver competition tonight?

  8. Now thats how you start a hockey game

  9. 1.5 liters of mt dew. Check. Energy drinks. Check. Black coffee from mvdonalds (thanks mel!) Check. Ready to kick out this 13 hour day of work!

  10. Great night! Now some game of Game of Thrones and Vikings

  11. Hawks or sharks?

    I personally hope the sharks win. Ive got absolutely no love the chicago.
  12. Babcock: Improvement to come from within

    hmm we'll see