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  1. Forsberg Joins Avalanche

    Don't like all the hate i see, was a redwings fan when he played in colorado first time and enjoyed all the divesberg stuff we put him through back then. None the less i think he was a lot different from all "comeback artists" we've seen. I do belive he tried to come back for the love of the game, and not from greed, i salute him for his passion of the game and feel sorry his comeback ended badly, some respect to a previous good adversary.
  2. Lidstrom Final Year

    I think he will be ass trainer, anything less will be silly, who can show the coming def better than him? That said i belive he will not return to sweden but persue a coaching career in the US. This is coming from a Swede. I belive Nick will become the first none american born coach ever. Well speculatating ofc but prove me wrong.
  3. Calle Jarnkrok

    What are the odds for this guy to get a shot at nhl this year? + 0
  4. Cheli is back!

    Warms my heart how drw continues to spell loyalty to ol players
  5. Draper.....

    I don't disagree, less icetime if they can handle it, and off the team if they are a liablility. I do get a warm fuzzy feeling when i see malts, draper, homer etc doing good. I do also think there's an real upside to treating your players fairly over time too. The sentiment DRW is the place to be, is not to be taken lightly imo.
  6. Draper.....

    What i always loved about this organisation is that they never seem to send old workhorses to the slaughter, they show respect for what they've done and use them in the best way possible, as mentors and leaders. Wouldn't we all hate to see faces so strongly associated with drw beeing disrespectfuly handled?