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  1. Possibility that Williams plays Game 5

    Ritola is the most responsible choice. He did a great job in Game 4 and he's much faster than Williams. Please, for the love of God, play the person that gives you the best chance!
  2. Red Wings will win game 2

    Like all of you said, the Wings would have won game one had it not been for a lapse in defense there early, but we can't look back on our mistakes in Game 1. This series is just getting started, and it takes 4 wins to advance. The Wings have shown us that they are a team that can rebound after the worst of performances, and I expect nothing less than a tied series coming home. Wings in 6, as I thought from the beginning.
  3. Red Wings will win game 7

    I agree. It seems like it's been that way the whole series. Just like after game 3, we came back and won 3-0. The team will step up, and we'll be able to go Shark hunting.
  4. WCQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 1

    Me too, from the very beginning of the series, I picked the Wings in 6 games. What a huge win on the road...all I can say is, good luck next year, Coyotes, this one's all over.
  5. Ozzy for game 4?

    From a defensive standpoint, I think it needs to be done. Howard was solid in the regular season, but I think his inexperience going for the Cup has gotten to him. He over-commits on first moves and leaves the opposition a wide open net. Osgood is, like you said, a proven winner, and was clutch during our last two runs to the Cup Finals. I think now is the time to let Ozzie play; he was put into the thick of the action in 2008 when we needed him, and lo, and behold, we won the Stanley Cup. The defense as a whole must improve, but we need a stronger man between the pipes.
  6. Babcock's days are numbered?

    Wow. Okay, lets get rid of the coach that's sent us to three straight conference finals appearances and two straight Stanley Cup Finals. No coach has had that much success in Detroit in a long time, if ever. If you're willing to give him up, you seriously want this team to fall apart!
  7. Playoff Superstitions?

    I can't watch a playoff game without some sort of Red Wing's paraphernalia on my body (hat, tee-shirt, jersey, etc.). I have a hat I have deemed my "playoff lid"'s a white Red Wings hard hat to which I have attached a plush octopus (pretty lame, I know). The hat must be on my head while the game is in progress; it only comes off during commercials. I'm going to give the playoff beard a go-round this year, even though the term "beard" doesn't really apply to my pathetic stubble of hair, lol.