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  1. Don't know if I'd say "schooled" but he'd better have something good up his sleeve with LA, SJ and C-bus all getting better and taking chances and we're still standing around watching.
  2. In no particular order: Namestnikov, Biggs, Saad, Oleksiak
  3. Saw that as well - that would be a coup for them to be able to dump that contract.
  4. I've seen your site - nice work. I would approve of your new Olympia easily...
  5. I'd like it to happen - we'll see.
  6. Pretty laughable.... when are these guys supposed to play exactly?? I know exactly what's in the system and, to tell you the truth, I'm worried about it. What's wrong with wanting someone who may be an impact player in a few years rather than taking a flyer on another project?
  7. I trust them but think they're dreaming.
  8. Exactly, I don't get it. We've got a surplus of defensive minded, low scoring forwards.
  9. Whoa....huh - doesn't do much for me when you look at what's left on the board. In Kenny we trust.
  10. holy crap, their making a pick...
  11. Yes please
  12. Doesn't the gold helmet mean he leads his team in scoring? He's got that going for him at least.
  13. Is there anyway to get back the minute I just wasted reading this post??
  14. Thank you for being the voice of reason as usual... Pronger's a jerk off but there's way worse guys out there that I'd rather not see win a Cup/Conn Smythe - Kane, Byfuglien, etc. "I've got friends in Chicago or so and so played junior hockey in such and such town" - give me a freakin' break. Chicago is the biggest bandwagon sports town in the US (with LA not far behind). What these "fans" know about hockey I could fit in a thimble and they'll bail as soon as times turn tough again.
  15. Sorry to disappoint you but Rafalski is signed at his ungodly number for 2 more years....